Saturday, February 14, 2009

Top Secret Article Marketing Secrets Now Revealed

Even if you are a prolific article writer, on the Internet, it may not be of much benefit, if you are unable to market your work. Therefore, smart article writing requires not churning out the same but also marketing them aptly. The article marketing secrets revealed below will help you in the process.

Secret 1: Focus on the Reader’s benefits
Quite frankly, the reader would give a damn if your article only spoke laurels about you and your own capabilities. What the reader is really interested in is how he or she would benefit from your article. Therefore, to ensure wider acceptance and readability of your article, focus on the reader’s benefits. And readers by themselves tend to be superb marketers of good articles, so leave the rest to them to spread the word around!

Secret 2: Provide Links within Your Article
Since the aim of your article is invariably (though not always!) to redirect traffic to a particular website or blog, make sure you provide links for the same within your article. That will dramatically increase the chances of readers going from your article straight to your website or blog, or wherever you may like them to be redirected towards. This also increases the overall back-links to your website.

Secret 3: Submit to Article Directories
Although quite an “open secret” by now, many article writers fail to make use of this tool to market their output. They fail to realize that submitting to these directories dramatically increases the overall reach of their articles. Since these directories work as article aggregators, they are extremely SEO-friendly, so being on them ensures higher placements in the search results.

Go ahead and fire on all cylinders – on writing your articles, as you now have some really confidential article marketing secrets revealed in front of you.

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