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The Virtual Gateway to Love in the Real World!

If you are lonely, sad and looking for a soul mate, do not fret, as love is in fact just a few clicks away in the form of various online dating sites. If you are wondering what this is all about, well it is about finding love in cyberspace, because it really does exist there!

Online dating sites were essentially born out of the frustration that lonely hearts felt when trying to find a soul mate at places like singles bars or nightclubs. Day after day, they would frequent these places without much luck. Another reason for the emergence of online dating sites was the work life that many people followed which simply did not leave them much time and space to make any special effort to look for a soul mate in real time. Gradually, as online dating sites such as or Yahoo! Personals not only came on to the forefront but also showcased the success that individuals met in finding love and companionship for themselves, the overall online dating scenario simply exploded.

Today, there are a plethora of online dating sites out there, to help you find the perfect love and soul mate for you. Irrespective of what you are looking for – deep, emotional bonding or just a casual fling to keep the blues away from the painful break-up that you just had, there is something for everyone on these sites. The fact that the whole world is your playground makes the entire game, metaphorically speaking, that much more fun to play! I personally know of Russian and Polish girls hooking up with charming men from India, who give them the much needed emotional warmth and security that men in their respective countries often seem to lack.

Also remember, that finding love on online dating sites need not necessarily come at a significant cost that you have to bear. There are online dating sites such as that do not charge anything from their users to hook them up with each other, yet are not only surviving, but in fact are thriving! These sites have maximized the usage of brilliant online advertising programs such as Google Adsense to make ample revenues for themselves without having to charge their users even a single dime!

Having said all of the above, do not look at the world of online dating as an all-encompassing solution to all your relationship issues. Just as perfection does not exist in the real world, it doesn’t in the virtual world either. Tread each step carefully; do not get excited about the first prospect that you meet in cyberspace. Take your time to judge the other person well before taking any hasty decision which you might regret later.

Follow the above tips well, and nothing could come in the way of your heart meeting the perfect soul mate for itself, on any of the numerous online dating sites doing the rounds!
Overview of Indian Web Hosting Companies

The Indian Internet space has seen a virtual explosion. If we are to look at the Indian Internet market in terms of number of users, the figure has exploded from 5,000,000 in 2000 to 42,000,000 in June 2007, reflecting a growth rate of a staggering 740% even though the overall Internet penetration rate in the country is still a meager 3.7%. The opening up of the Indian telecommunications market has been one of the factors behind this resounding growth, along with the resonating success of the Indian outsourcing sector which has been almost entirely dependent upon the Internet for its functioning.

A direct resultant of the growth of the Internet in India has been augmentation witnessed in the number and kinds of web hosting companies. As the number of Internet users grew in India, more and more businesses realized the importance of having a web presence. Demand for ‘.in’ domains was at an all-time high with registrations touching the 150,000 mark within a year of its launch. All of these newer domains along with the websites made for them required a place to park themselves. That is where the web hosting companies smelt a significant opportunity for themselves and subsequently grew by leaps and bounds.

From among the major Indian web hosting companies, established player Net4India has the largest share – 12.5% as per data released by WebHosting.Info at The reason for this is primarily the first mover advantage phenomenon, i.e. it was one of the first players on this scene in the country. Quickly, the company managed to garner a reputable name for itself, thus bagging a significant number of blue chip clients in the process. Even today, a large number of Indian corporate, including some major global conglomerates such as the Tatas are clients of Net4India.

Other major players on the Indian web hosting scenario include Rediff, Indialinks, Manashosting and Nettigritty who come in at No. 2, No. 3, No. 4, and No. 5 on the Top 10 list of Indian web hosting companies, with a market share of 5.0%, 4.8%, 2.4% and 1.3% respectively. As would be apparent, al the Top 5 players together do not command a major share of the Indian web hosting market. This is essentially because the market is highly fragmented with a very large number of players. Also, many Indian businesses as well as individuals host their websites with foreign hosting companies, bypassing the Indian entities.

With the emergence of more and more reliable web hosting companies within the country, this trend is likely to be reversed though. Infrastructure within the country is also improving drastically, encouraging newer players to come onto the forefront. Infrastructure is key to this sector as web hosting companies require practically uninterrupted power supply to maintain their uplink/downlink connectivity.
Overview of Car Dashboard Covers

When you care so much for your car, giving it a daily wash, ensuring that it sparkles to a shine, and there isn’t a spot of dirt or a scratch anywhere on its body, why would you neglect the dashboard? Only because it is inside the vehicle, and not easily visible from outside? Thinking so would be quite a fallacy, as a spoilt and undone dashboard would in fact ruin and negate all the efforts you have put in towards ensuring that your car remains spick and span, as contrary to your thinking, the dashboard is relatively easily visible from outside. Moreover anyone sitting inside your car would definitely notice your dashboard, and if it happens to be the hot chic you are going out with on your first date with her, you surely want to create the best impression, don’t you?

Those living in sunny parts of the world are especially liable to keeping their dashboards protected from harmful UV rays. And the key to that lies in using appropriate and effective dashboard covers. Thankfully, today you have a whole host of car dashboard covers, customized to the car make as well as the specifications of the customer.

For instance, there are Molded Carpet Dashboard Covers, made of a polyester polycarpet material that makes them really tough and help them weather all exposure to the elements. Due to their strength, most manufacturers offer Molded Carpet Dashboard Covers with a lifetime warranty. Their name draws from the fact that they are molded using a specific thermal process which ensures that they snugly fit the shape of vehicle dashboards, as per their makes. You also have Poly Carpet Dashboard Covers which are again made of polycarpet material, which is specially designed to ensure complete protection from harmful UV rays. These dashboard covers also serve to prevent cracking and fading of the car dashboard. Not to miss out, manufacturers today also offer Velour Dashboard Covers which are supported by a soft cushion-like material that also serves the purpose of making the dashboard more appealing in its overall look and feel. Of course, Velour Dashboard Covers also serve to protect the dashboard from the sun, like all other dashboard covers.

In terms of players in the market offering car dashboard covers, there are plenty; Coverking is a prominent company offering customized car dashboard covers. Dashmat is also a major player in the car dashboard covers market. They all have a veritable presence online and their products can easily be compared and bought through their own websites as well as that of other resellers offering their products.

Therefore, ensure maximum impact the next time you have a date with the hot chic down the corner, by getting yourself a customized car dashboard cover, well in advance!

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Bloodhound – The (Ultimate) Scent of a Dog!

Bloodhound Description
Also referred to as the St. Hubert hound, a Bloodhound is a large-sized dog breed from Belgium / France that is bred specifically for the purpose of tracking human beings. This is largely due to the extra strong sense of smell that the dog has. The dog is capable of catching smells which may be hours or even days old. Appearance wise, Bloodhounds tend to be either red (which is how they get the prefix, ‘Blood’ to their name) or liver and tan, or black and tan in color. They also tend to have an exceptionally large skeletal structure, with the majority of their weight concentrated in the bones. Their coat tends to be hard, with the predominance of fur, and practically no hair at all.

Bloodhound History/Origin
Today’s Bloodhound originated from the eight-century St. Hubert hound, which was named after the man who made the dog the way it is today, by giving it the requisite training – Francois Hubert. The first St. Hubert hounds were black in color, and developed their black and tan color only much later. The colonial era saw the Bloodhound gain acceptance far and wide, with the British taking the breed along to the lands that they conquered. The Bloodhound gained even more popularity once it was taken to America. Till date, the American Bloodhound is considered to be one of the finest when it comes to Bloodhounds from across the world.

Bloodhound – Height/Weight
From the withers, Bloodhounds tend to stand 58 to 69 centimeters (23 to 27 inches). On an average, they weigh anywhere between 33 to 50 kilograms (i.e. 80 to 110 pounds, though some may weigh even as much as 160 pounds!).

Bloodhound - Temperament
Bloodhounds tend to be gentle, warm, unflappable creatures, making them an excellent choice for home pets. Problems in houses with bloodhounds are generally seen only with small children whom these bulky dogs sometimes tend to simply knock-over, just by their sheer size. Also, bloodhounds tend to be a little resilient to obedience training which is simply due to their tracking instinct, but patience and perseverance tends to pay well for the trainer, as Bloodhounds tend to learn faster, once they are willing to actually learn.

Bloodhound Grooming – Exercise
Bloodhounds are not the easiest to train; the very basics of toilet training themselves take a significant amount of time with bloodhounds. Training them on other issues such as obedience and other tricks is that much more difficult. Yet, the key lies simply in being patient and persistent. With time, they get the hang of things, and pick up all the tricks we have up our training sleeves! An important facet of Bloodhound training is to always have them on leash, especially when you are teaching them various tricks, else they simply tend to pursue their instinct and start following scents and picking up trails.

Bloodhound Health Problems - Life Expectancy
Bloodhounds tend to be exposed to gastrointestinal problems, more than most other common dog breeds. Among the gastrointestinal problems that they tend to suffer from, Gastric Dilatation Volvulus (GDV, or "bloat") is the most common ailment that they tend to suffer from. Problems of the eyes, ears and skins also tend to be rather common in Bloodhounds. The average life expectancy of Bloodhounds tends to be around 7-8 years, making them one of the shortest-lived of dog breeds.

Bloodhounds Group – Recognition
Group: Hound, AKC Hound

Bloodhounds Clubs Worldwide
The Bloodhound Club (UK)
American Bloodhound Club
Canadian Bloodhound Club
Split – The fun never splits here!

Croatia’s second-largest city, Split is not only the most popular tourist destination from amongst all the scenic places along the Adriatic Sea, but in fact one of the most admired leisure venues in the whole of Europe. Pristine beaches along with a multitude of historical venues make Split an idealistic tourist destination.

When it comes to sightseeing in Split, it can simply be considered incomplete without a visit to the Diocletian's Palace, which has been included in UNESCO’s coveted list of World Heritage Sites. The diversity of form is a prominent feature of the palace, not seen in other similar structures – while the Cybele and Venus temples are circular; the Temple of Jupiter is rectangular and the mausoleum itself is octagonal. Split also has exclusive museums like the Town Museum which beautifully recalls the history of Split. In addition, there are two archaeological museums in Split – one known simply as Archaeological Museum while the other is referred to as Museum of Croatian Archaeological Monuments. Tourists also extensively enjoy Split’s art galleries, including the Mestrovic Gallery as well as the Gallery of Fine Arts.

Split’s beaches are spotlessly clean, serene and pure. One of the most happening beaches here is the Bacvice Beach, right in front of the Bacvice restaurant-nightlife complex. It is clean to the extent that it was awarded the Blue Flag award for the cleanliness of its beach as well as its surroundings, including the facilities at the beach. A little away from the city, at the foot of Marjan hill, lies the resplendent Kasjuni Beach. Other prominent and popular beaches include the tranquil Bene beach as well as the striking Zlatni Rat beach on Brac Island.

Split offers an enormous amount of variety to foodies, that too at reasonably affordable prices. It is unlikely that you will find anything very exclusive and exquisite in Split’s restaurants, but the usual, everyday fare would be prepared and served in the most delectable manner. If you are looking for seafood, Nostromo might just be the place for you, especially since it is located right next to a fish market. The Restoran Boban offers the entire range of Croatian cuisine including Istrian truffles and Dalmatian grilled fish and meat. If pizzas excite your taste buds more than other cuisines, head straight to the Pizzeria Galija, considered to be the best pizzeria of Split. Other popular outlets include the vegetarian Makrovega, Buffet Fife whose specialty is pasticada, a meaty stew and Konoba Varos who’s USP is meat cooked "under a bell", that is, it is roasted for long under a low flame.

Having enjoyed your day sightseeing or at the beach, you would probably be looking to hit the deck and party now! Well, Split offers considerable variety of choice for that too! Most of the happening places are located within the Diocletian's Palace including the comfortable Ghetto Club, the ever-popular Cafes – Song & Shook, and Red Room.

Life in Split is a perennial, un-splitting party!
Dalmatia – Find Your Inner Self There!

Dalmatia is a region along the Adriatic Sea in Europe, which spans most of modern day Croatia as well as parts of Montenegro. It is a region characterized by scenic landscapes, rugged mountains, and pristine beaches with beautifully blue colored, crystal clear water all around them. Additionally, the region tends to remain fairly warm and sunny, receiving sunshine on an average of 315 days in a calendar year, which is one of the primary reasons for tourists being drawn to Dalmatia by the hordes. The local administration has in turn worked hard to ensure that the Dalmatian region’s tourism potential is utilized to the maxim, leaving no stone upturned in creating an unforgettable experience for every visitor!

Places to visit and enjoy in Dalmatia are plenty, including Split, Zadar, Dubrovnik, Makarska, Šibenik, Imotski, Sinj, Solin, Metković, Trogir, Omiš and Trilj. While the Diocletian's Palace in Split is an absolute must see, in Zadar you could pay a divine visit to the numerous churches dotting the city including St Donatus' Church, St. Anastasia's Cathedral, St. Krševan's Church, St. Mary's Church, and St. Francis' Church. The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Dubrovnik offers plenty of choice in terms of places to visit including the Sponza Palace, the St. Saviour’s Church, the Franciscan monastery as well as the renowned St. Blaise's church. Makarska has thousands of tourists flocking to the city each year to have the time of their lives at any of the trendy bars and cafés dotting the landscape along Makarska harbour. Šibenik has scenic parks including the Krka National Park and the Plitvice Lakes National Park as well as the Cathedral of St. James which finds itself on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites. Imotski’s medieval fortress on the rocks along Blue Lake is truly captivating. Sinj gets tourists from around the world for the traditional Tilters Tournament that takes place every year on the first Sunday in August. Solin draws tourists to visit the many historical sites there as well as the numerous urban parks along the Jadro River. A must visit at Metković is the Church of St. Elijah. Trogir also finds itself on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites, with prominent places to visit being the Fortress Kamerlengo, the cathedral of St. Lawrence and the Duke's Palace. Omiš’ tourist attraction lies in the entire Omiš Riviera which stretches for over twenty kilometers along spotless beaches and a façade that includes crystal clear seas, steep cliffs and perfect-sized pebbles. Trilj is famous for the legionary fortress at Tilurium.

The entire Dalmatian region offers delectable cuisine across all the various places mentioned above. The food is healthy to the extent of being considered one of the healthiest in the world. Prominent gastronomic offerings in Dalmatia include fresh sea fish, shells or meat dishes cooked along with fresh vegetables. One can wash down these delicacies with the choicest wines such as merlot, cabarnet, and dingac.

All in all, it’s absolute bliss in Dalmatia!
Kusadasi – Absolute Heaven on Earth!

There are few places on Earth that could really be described as heavenly, and Kusadasi, on the Aegean coast of Turkey, surely deserves such an accolade! When looked at from the sea, the peninsular city resort resembles the shape of the head of a bird, which is what the literal meaning of the name of the city is, in Turkish – “kus” means bird and “ada” stands for island, so it is literally like a bird island! Geographically, Kusadasi is located 90 kilometers or 56 miles south of Izmir, which is the region’s largest metropolitan center. Another landmark is the provincial seat of Aydin which is 71 kilometers or 44 miles away, as one goes inland into Turkey.

An ancient city, considered to have been founded circa 3000 BC, the landscape of the resort is well and truly breathtaking and captivating! It is no wonder that foreigners have really taken to the resort like bees to honey! Not only do they visit the resort regularly, many of them have actually bought land there and settled down permanently. The consistently hot Mediterranean climate almost all through the year plays its part in drawing visitors by the hordes, especially from cold countries. In fact even though the actual population of the resort is only 50,000 during season the population swells to 10 times that figure to approximately half a million! This is essentially because all the tourists that come in to the city, in turn require an army of personnel to serve them, whether waiters at restaurants, drivers for all the various means of transport doing the rounds, construction workers and so on.

As far as entertainment goes, Kusadasi offers an absolute plethora of options. The public beaches in Kusadasi really add to the charm of the city with a veritable range and number of them to make a rather difficult choice from, whether it is Town Beach, Ladies Beach, or Bird Island Beach…the list just goes on! All of these beaches in turn have a huge variety of entertainment options to choose from; there is delectable Turkish and international cuisine on offer at the restaurants along these beaches. A lot of them double up as bars, and also have exotic Turkish dancers as part of their staple offers – another sure shot way to have you hooked to the city! Aqua parks dotting the city resort at various places further add to its charm and attraction.

If history is what you dig, a trip to Kaleiçi Camii, a 17th century mosque built for the Grand Vizier Öküz Kara Mehmed Pasha is definitely called for. There is also the Öküz Mehmet Pasha caravanserai near the city’s docks which was built in 1618, as a strong room for the goods that were brought in through the seas by sea men from all across the world. There is also the Kadıkalesi, a Venetian/Byzantine castle, situated along the Kuşadası-Davutlar road.

Suffice it to say that there is something for everyone at Kusadasi!
Icmeler, the ultimate beach resort!

Icmeler is a Turkish beach resort, off the country’s southeast coast. Lying at the confluence of the Aegean and Mediterranean seas, Icmeler seems to have on offer something for everyone without the frills and whistles that Marmaris, another Turkish resort in close proximity to Icmeler, have to offer. It is not as loud, and not as crowded as Marmaris, yet has its own charm in a rustic sort of a manner. Icmeler is in fact popularly referred to as a village resort, which has all the basic amenities that any reputable beach resort should have like sparkling beaches with shimmering sands, with rollicking hotels in the vicinity, without the hangover of a tourist spot that is bursting at its seams.

Icmeler’s location along a bay, with mountains in the backdrop, makes the overall setting that much more breathtaking. In fact, that is one of the reasons why once tourists get an inkling of this place, they get hooked to it and prefer coming back again and again, year after year! There are resorts galore, all along the beach, with all of them having a veritable range of water sports and boat trips on offer. The water sport games on offer include diving, parasailing, beach volleyball, scuba diving, and banana boating. As far as boat trips go, a truly memorable one is the Gulet Cruise boat pleasure trip from Icmeler ‘starting point’, straight into the Aegean Sea. For the more luxuriously inclined, there is also the Blue Cruise luxury trip commencing from Icmeler. Overall, it is boat trips like the aforementioned that visitors tend to add to their lifetime repository of all time favorite memories!

When it comes to food, there are restaurants galore in Icmeler. Local delicacies like the ever-popular kebabs can be had with a veritable range of wines, including raki, the traditional Turkish wine, made from aniseeds. Another local specialty dish available across Icmeler’s restaurants is the Guvec, a clay pot casserole stew of meat and vegetables unique to Turkey. The Devamli Hotel has a restaurant by the name Love Boat that serves lip smacking stews. If local cuisine is what you are after, the Turkish House on Turunc House serves authentic Turkish cuisine, served with traditional Turkish music playing alongside. On the other hand, if you are looking for international cuisine, head straight to the Majestic Restaurant which serves a delectable mix of Italian, Indian and Chinese food offerings. If you are feeling really majestic and imperial, that too on a Sunday afternoon, head straight to the Kingsland Chinese Restaurant that serves up an authentic British lunch.

On the shopping front, Icmeler does not have much on offer with the central shopping mall being the sole source for collecting souvenirs of a trip to this wonderful place. Tourists would in fact be better off making a special trip to nearby Marmaris for all their shopping requirements.

Overall, a trip to Icmeler is a matter of a lifetime’s memory, to be cherished forever!
Bursa – There’s something for everyone here!

If you are looking for a holiday spot for you and your family and would prefer a place that would have something for everyone in your family, look no further than Bursa in Turkey, simply because no other place on Earth could match up so perfectly to your requirement. You name and it has it – famed historical places, picturesque gardens and parks, mouth watering cuisine, alluring shopping bazaars, world class hotels, action packed sporting facilities, rocking nightclubs, and exotic Turkish baths known as Hamams. With so much on offer, could you possibly ask for more? It would be interesting to note that the place is also commonly known as “Green Bursa” due to the extensive foliage all around it; there are gardens and parks galore. It is also the principal fruit growing region of Turkey which is another reason for the city to be associated with all things green!

From a purely historical perspective, Bursa is one of the most richly endowed. In fact no visit to Bursa is complete without a visit to the Yesil Cami, also known as the Green Mosque thanks to the dark green tiles covering the walls of the inner vestibule of the mosque, as well as the blue-green mosaic of tiles on the walls and ceilings of the eyvans of the mosque. There is also the Ulu Camii or the Great Mosque which is definitely worth much more than just a dekko, especially because of the 192 wall inscriptions, hand-written by renowned calligraphers, on the interiors of the mosque. You would also not like to miss the Ottoman Museum which offers a wonderfully descriptive perspective of the Ottoman way of life.

Industries form an integral part of the economy of Bursa; the Turkish operations of most MNCs in the country are located here. As far as your own shopping goes, Bursa will surely not let you down as it has a veritable range of markets where you can shop. There is the famed Koza Han bazaar, specializing in silk manufacturers, located next to the Ulu Camii. There is also the covered bazaar, Bedesten which you should add to your must visit list whenever you are in Bursa, however immune you maybe to shopping! It has been said that any visitor to this bazaar will find it completely impossible to leave empty handed!

You can never run out of entertainment options while in Bursa. The famed Hamams (Turkish Baths) are an experience really not to be missed. The best part of Bursa to go for this would be Çekirge. There is also a ski resort at Uludağ, extremely popular amongst the local Turkish populace as well as foreigners from various parts of the world. To entertain your taste buds, you simply must try the Iskender kebap, a Turkish delicacy made from slices of grilled lamb dressed in tomato sauce and browned butter. Candied chestnuts are also a local delicacy here.

Life in Bursa is indeed one long, never-ending party!
Altinkum – Rejuvenate Your Mind, Body & Soul Here!

If a quiet and peaceful holiday is what you yearn for, look no further than Altinkum, the blissful Turkish paradise along the south Aegean Coast. Unlike some of its more well-known counterparts such as Kusadasi and Bodrum, Altinkum tends to be much less boisterous, and one can afford to have the perfect getaway here, without the excess hullaballoo seen in other places like the earlier mentioned. The primary draw of this resort town is its three long sandy beaches. In fact, the place Altinkum gets its name from these beaches since Altinkum in Turkish means ‘golden sands’. The beaches at Altinkum stretch a long way, right from the little harbor at one end to the rocky cliff at the other end.

Most of Altinkum’s activities also tend to center around these beaches; the British as a community are particularly drawn to the prospect of spending entire days lazing on the golden sands along the pristine waters, while nights are spent at many of the bars and restaurants dotting the landscape along Altinkum’s beaches. Water sports such as windsurfing, jet-skiing, pedaloes, a banana boat ride or perhaps even a scuba diving lesson at the beaches are all major attractions at the beaches. In addition, there are a plethora of excursions, expedition, and boat trips to other resorts in the vicinity as well as adjacent towns and other places of historic interest. In fact, while at Altinkum, those with a penchant for history would enjoy visiting the Temple of Apollo at Didyama as well as the enormous Roman ruins at Ephesus. The spas and calcium deposits at Pamukkale are also a big draw.

For the nightly birds, Altinkum has a variety of entertainment options; Dolphin Square is where a lot of the nightlife of Altinkum tends to center around. At the same time, there are a significant number of bars which dominate the façade along the beaches of Altinkum. The drinks at most of these places tend to be inexpensive, further making them a huge draw among local and international tourists alike. Activities at the bars, discotheques and night clubs include belly-dancing to bingo, singing karaoke, playing pool as well as plain old disco dancing! The coveted crown of Altinkum’s most happening entertainment spot goes to Medusa, an open-air night club which gets really jammed on certain days. The Dolphin Bar is also immensely popular.

Foodies will just fall in love with Altinkum – over and over again! There are a plethora of options available in Altinkum when it comes to food. Although, Turkish and British fare tends to dominate, it is not that difficult to find Chinese, Indian as well as cuisine from various other parts of the world. Since Britishers dominate in terms of nationalities of visiting tourists here, they are pampered considerably with the pound sterling being accepted as a mode of payment at many of Altinkum’s restaurants.

With so much on offer, no doubt there is something for everyone at Altinkum!

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Top Secret Article Marketing Tips

A veritable number of writers and authors find it incomprehensible that humble articles could in fact be powerful marketing tools. Yet it is true. Millions are already doing it. And so can you, with the powerful article marketing tips listed below, which have never been revealed before.

Tip 1: Provide information
As basic as it may seem, many people fail to realize it. Nonetheless, ensure that your articles at least provide basic information on the topic they are written on. That is the best way to get people to actually read your articles as well as to gain recognition as a quality writer.

Tip 2: Submit to Article Directories
Maximize the potential of article directories. They not only serve as content aggregators, but also ensure that a veritable number of readers actually read your article, which they would otherwise miss on your website. Since these directories tend to have submission criteria, being present on these directories gives you immense credibility.

Tip 3: Post your articles on your website
Articles will form a strong basis for the overall content on your website. Readers will know more about you, and the products and services that you have on offer, through these articles. Of course, the unparalleled benefit off search engine optimization using keywords incorporated within the articles cannot be understated.

Tip 4: Make the article’s benefit obvious
We are all living in an age where we are hard-pressed for time. Therefore, if your readers are to invest their time on reading your article, make the benefit that they will obtain upfront. Perhaps you could incorporate it within the title itself or as a byline to it.

So, as you can see, articles can transform themselves into powerful marketing tools, using the article marketing tips listed above.
Marketing Ebooks – Sales Page Strategies that would Radically Boost up your Ebook Sales

When it comes to marketing Ebooks, you would do well to focus that extra bit on the Sales Page. After all, that’s where the much sought after revenues from your Ebook would come from. The tips below showcase the ways in which you could boost your sales page to maximize your sales.

Tip 1: Add a 'guarantee' logo or icon to your sales page
Providing a guarantee makes a world of difference to your potential customers. They get the much needed assurance that you really mean business and would be there for them if they need you. Also, in the unlikely situation that they would end up being unhappy with your product offering, they could return the Ebook back to you.

Tip 2: Make the ‘Order’ link appear multiple times on the sales page
Offer your customers multiple links to order your Ebook. This way, whichever portion of the sales page they may be on, they would be able to order from you. Since a purchase decision is often impulsive, give them adequate windows and leverage to do so.

Tip 3: Make your ‘Order’ link secure
Securitizing your ‘Order’ link, for instance through SSL, really boosts sales. This has been proven in instances of all online purchases, as customers proffer their personal financial details here. It gives them the assurance that these details would not be misused.

Tip 4: Restrict your Sales copy to a single page
A single page should be sufficient for you to underscore the salient features of your Ebook. Besides, customers are most often hard pressed for time. They would not like to go over too much of sales copy text. They may even choose to ignore completely.

So, give your Ebook sales the requisite edge with the tips for marketing Ebooks listed above.
Marketing Ebooks Tips that have stood the Test of Time, and Proved their Worth!

As important as it maybe to have the right content, once an Ebook is drafted out completely, marketing it would be just as vital. The Internet has made cranking out Ebooks that much easier for all budding authors. Therefore, it is important that your Ebook stands out from the rest. The tips below will help you master the techniques of marketing Ebooks.

Tip 1: Include an element of Exclusivity
As you will see, there are existing Ebooks on practically every imaginable topic. Therefore, it is important that your Ebook stands out in some way. You could help it do so by emphasizing elements such as ‘One and Only’, ‘Exclusive’, ‘Never Before’, ‘First Time’, etc. in the marketing pitch for your Ebook.

Tip 2: Emphasize the Benefits
With millions of Ebooks looking to be suitors for your customer’s dollars, they really want to know how your Ebook would really benefit them. So be upfront and emphatic on this front. Also emphasize upon the fact that no other Ebook would give them the same benefits.

Tip 3: Provide Testimonials
Every existing customer is a potential means to acquiring additional customers. So, in your Ebook, do amass the positive feedback garnered from previous customers and other readers of your Ebook. Obtain their quotes on how the Ebook benefited them, and highlight those quotations.

Tip 4: Link up Your Ebooks
If you are an author of multiple Ebooks, it could do you well to link them up from within each Ebook. You could do so in the form of hyperlinks within the textual content of the Ebooks or separately. With multiple Ebooks to your name, your own credentials would be uplifted significantly.

So, follow the tried and tested tips on marketing Ebooks listed above, and see how they fly off the (virtual!) shelves of your (virtual!) store!
Marketing Ebooks – A 4-step Guide That Will Ensure Your Ebook is sold by the Droves

Once you have finished writing your Ebook, it is time to now sell it and make money out of it. After all, that is primarily why you wrote the Ebook in the first place! Followed well, the steps for marketing Ebooks enlisted in this article will ensure your Ebook sells fast, and you make quick and large amounts of money.

Step 1 – Include a Table of Contents in your Sales Pitch
With the surfing time of Internet users constantly under pressure from multiple other distracters, you want them to know at a glance what your Ebook is all about. A Table of Contents could help immensely towards that end. Their specific topics of interest would be quickly known to them.

Step 2 – Offer a few free chapters
There is an absolute plethora of Ebooks available on the net. Even if the Table of Contents matches up with your potential customer’s expectations, they would like to get a feel for your writing. The free chapters will really help on this front.

Step 3 – Offer a money-back guarantee
In your sales pitch, make sure you mention a money-back guarantee in case your customers are dissatisfied. Broadly, it has been seen that including such offers has a dramatic impact on sales. Also, it is only a miniscule number of customers who actually come back for refunds.

Step 4 – Provide a gist of your Entire Ebook
This is especially true if your Ebook is a piece of fiction. Provide the entire plot in 1-2 paragraphs so that your viewers know in advance what they are going to invest their time and money on. Be vivid and imaginative in your description.

So, follow the above steps, and possibly see yourself transform into the next ‘Marketing Ebooks Guru’!
Top Secret Tips on making money with Ebooks

If the budding author inside you has been waiting to emerge for long, but publishing costs are what have kept you from making the effort, do not fret! In fact, go ahead, and start writing, right now because the revolutionary phenomenon called Ebooks is there in front of us. Be the author you always wanted to be and also the publisher! What’s more make tons of money in the process!! And if you already have the content ready, the tips below will guide you on making money with Ebooks the easy way.

Tip 1: Transform your Ebooks into Newsletters
Newsletters are a condensed aggregation of information from diverse sources. In today’s jet-set age, they serve as a godsend to many who look for only a gist of all the information. Now, if you happen to have a plethora of Ebooks on a multitude of topics, why not make newsletters out of them? You could charge a monthly subscription amount for the same which your customers would be more than willing to pay.

Tip 2: Transform your Ebook into a Niche
If you have already written an Ebook, say on running your own business, why not turn it into something more specific, say running your own foods business? It will not take you much additional effort, while getting you supplementary customers looking for specific pieces of information. Your wider capabilities will also not go unrecognized.

Tip 3: Create an Offline version of your Ebook
The digital transformation we see has unfortunately not touched the lives of everyone. In such a scenario, why not try and garner those unaffected by technology? Make offline copies of your Ebooks, and have a wider audience lapping up your product offerings.

Tip 4: Differentially price your Ebook
You could have both a high as well as a low price version of your Ebook, accompanied by suitable justification for each of the versions. Be upfront about the difference between the two. As has been observed, on being thoroughly convinced, people are often willing to pay a premium to get the information they are seeking – which they feel they will miss out in the low-end version.

So, as you can see, making money with Ebooks is fast and easy, if suitable, simple techniques are adopted and followed.
Making Money with Ebooks is Fast and Easy

While your heart yearns to write, it’s cash that keeps the hearth burning. But what if you had an easy solution that fulfilled both your wishes? Wondering what I’m talking about? Well my friend, I’m referring to Ebooks, a phenomenon that has brought name, fame and riches to millions. You too could be making money with Ebooks, simply by following the steps listed below.

Step 1: Distribute a few copies FREE
The power of FREE has in any case been well documented in marketing parlance. You could suitably do that with Ebooks too. Each copy you distribute free would in turn create awareness about you; while at the same time entice other customers to actually purchase your Ebooks.

Step 2: Team up with other Ebook Writers
The age old maxim of unity is strength holds good for Ebooks too. Get your Ebook enlisted with other Ebook aggregating sites as well as offerings from fellow Ebook writers. Then watch from the sidelines as your sales (and your profits) spiral upwards!

Step 3: Hyperlink the Benefits section to the Order page
In the ad copy for your Ebook, have the benefits section hyperlink to your Order page. That way, you will see your sales really zoom, and so would the money that you would make! Customers would find themselves literally drawn into purchasing your Ebook.

Step 4: Differentially price various portions of your Ebook
You could let your customers view a select portion of your Ebook at say half-price, and if they like what they see, they could get access to the rest of the Ebook at the full price. This way, your customers will also be reassured in the confidence that you have on your product. They will simply be compelled to but the Ebook at its full purchase price.

So, as you see, making money with Ebooks is simple and easy, and there is simply a lot of money that is there to be made!
Surefire Tips to Making Money with Ebooks

You’ve heard and read all about Ebooks. You’ve even partially or wholly written some. But do you know about the ways in which you could be making money with Ebooks? If not, then please make a note of the following tips that will ensure not only the fulfillment of your creative pursuits, but also your financial needs, without much additional effort!

Tip 1: Come out with regular updates
A monthly update on your existing Ebook could really do wonders to your endeavor of making money with ebooks! Without much extra effort, you could see a dramatic rise in your sales, with each new update that you make. Past customers who lauded your efforts are especially likely to end up making repeat purchases.

Tip 2: Pull out those old chapters you never published
While drafting your Ebooks, if there were portions that you deemed unsuitable then, chances are they make the cut now! After all, tastes and opinions do change with time. So, make the most of content that you already have, perhaps tweak it around a little bit, and voila – you might just have another Ebook ready to be sold!

Tip 3: Suitably apportion your Ebook to various sections, and sell only those!
You would have potential customers out there who would not want your entire Ebook, but only select portions of it. Instead of turning away such prospects, welcome them by giving them precisely what they want, and also have them pay for only that which they get. The volume sales will in any case get you the fat margins.

Tip 4: Get resellers to sell your Ebook for you
Have your Ebook listed on various reseller and affiliate sites. Give them the leeway to sell all or part of your Ebook. Over time, you will see that the increased sales will more than make up for the commissions that you will be doling out to the resellers.

So, follow the above tips, and watch in awe as your Ebooks transform themselves into Automated Teller Machines for you – doling out unlimited wads of cash!
Time-Tested Adwords Tips that Truly Work – and How!

If everyone in your fraternity is promoting their website through adwords, while you’re not, perhaps it’s high time you did! The Adwords program helps businesses grow and expand manifold. Large numbers of customers can be drawn and retained at very low costs. The following adwords tips will help you immensely as you chart out your own Internet marketing program.

Tip 1: Choose the right keywords
Often, marketers make the mistake of using too broad and general keywords in the adwords copy. The question is – do you want large numbers of customers who would visit your website and not buy anything, or would you prefer select, focused customers who would actually purchase? Assuming your preferred choice to be the latter, use refined and narrow keywords.

Tip 2: Be descriptive in your ad text
Think of your ad text as the door through which your customers could potentially walk in. Therefore, to ensure their entry in, use ad text that vividly describes the features or benefits of what you have on offer. Let your adwords text be enticing enough for them to not only read the ad, but also click on it.

Tip 3: Take Steps to Target Your Ads
Irrelevant customers viewing your ads – and clicking through to your website, would only increase costs without bringing along any benefits. So, take steps to ensure that only the right profile of customers get to see your ad in the first place. For example, if your product is going to sell only in Brazil, there’s no point having the ad displayed on Chinese websites!

Tip 4: Have the Right Landing Page
Many adwords users have been seen to make the mistake of getting customers land on the home page of the concerned website from where they are expected to navigate to the page of their interest. Avoid this mistake, especially if you are selling a wide variety of products and services and your ad copy refers to one of them. Take customers directly to the page that you are talking about in the ad copy.

As you have seen, follow the time-tested adwords tips above, and see your adwords program work, beyond your imagination!
Adwords Tips that will get you the CTR you always dreamt of!

Millions take up adwords-based promotional programs for their products and services. Yet only a few really achieve the desired click-through rate. Reason? They fail to adhere to basic, time-tested adwords principles. So, if you want your adwords program to work for you, follow the adwords tips provided below.

Tip 1: Be liberal in using the keyword, FREE
Consumers globally have been seen to love anything offered to them free of cost. And when this offer is made to them in the adwords copy, they are invariably found to click their way in! So liberally use the word, FREE, in your adwords copy, and watch your click-through rates simply take off!

Tip 2: Specify the benefits your customers will get
Vague benefits in adwords copies, for instance “BrainVista makes you Smart”, tend to keep customers away. On the other hand, highlighting specific advantages such as “BrainVista improves your IQ level by 24%” always brings them in! So portray specific benefits to your potential customers.

Tip 3: The power of the “How To” phrase
Many of the visitors to your website are looking for Do-it-Yourself solutions. And if you are able to help them in getting those solutions (and also manage to sell your product in the process!), they will continue to drop by. Taking a cue from the previous tip, be specific in your ‘How to’s’; for instance, instead of saying, ‘How to Get Rich Quick’, you could say, ‘How to Make $10,000 every month Working from Home’.

Tip 4: Use Action Phrases
Get visitors to practically drive in to your website, with action phrases such as ‘Start Now’, ‘Call 24/7’, ‘Order Today’ etc. This way you will elicit immediate and effective responses from them. Likely purchases would also be made quicker, thus improving your cash flows and ROI.

So follow the adwords tips above and see yourself writing out a whole new chapter in successful Internet marketing!
Surefire Adwords Tips that could Skyrocket your Business Overnight!

On the lookout for some out-of-the-world adwords tips that could skyrocket your business overnight? Well, look no further. Put an end to your waiting right away, and make note of the following tips:

Tip 1: Ask Questions
Entice your adwords viewers with questions that elicit responses – in the form of clicks on your ad! For instance, an ad with the tagline, “Want to Lose Weight Right Now?” is very likely to be clicked upon by a person eager to lose weight. So, think of questions that your potential customers are likely to ask.

Tip 2: The Three Dot Paradigm…
Intriguing as it may seem, simply adding three dots at the end of your adwords copy adds a whole new dimension to your ad, making it a lot more effective! The prime reason is the continuity aspect that gets wielded in. Viewers expect something coming their way, and so just go ahead and click…

Tip 3: Use the word ‘Secret’ often
The power of the ‘Secret’ word is in fact no secret at all! An adword copy in the form of “Secret Beauty Tips You Never Knew…” is sure to get viewers “secretly” clicking away! The powerful three dot paradigm also being weaved in, makes it that much more powerful.

Adword copies in ALL CAPS are a surefire way of getting viewers clicking in. They tend to perceive the ad as calling out to them aloud. And the only way they feel they could respond to the call would be by clicking in!

Together, the 4 adwords tips listed above will definitely ensure maximum bang for your online marketing buck.