Sunday, February 01, 2009

Inbound Call Center Services – Your Ticket to Financial Freedom with Unlimited Income Opportunities

Stories often go around about the barrage of abuses that outbound call center executives frequently have to face, especially when they make calls pertaining to debt collection, or try to sell a particular product or service. If you too have found yourself at the receiving end of such treatment and are really tired of that, why don’t you simply stick to inbound services only?

These are often in the nature of technical support, wherein customers themselves call in for assistance. Frequently, customers have very kind words for the executives – quite the opposite as compared to reactions on outbound calls made. Time and again, customer queries are in fact very simple in nature – say a small clarification in their credit card statement, or a query about a minute problem they are facing with their Internet connection, and so on.

Essentially, the psychology behind the differential treatment is that when the customers themselves call in, it is for situations wherein they need you – the executive attending the call. While when calls are made out to them, they perceive that as intrusive to their time and space.

Although earlier the work in such processes used to be highly subjective, as calls would be routed to executives directly, and each customer would tend to have very different and unique queries, the setting up of Integrated Voice Response (IVR) systems has changed that dramatically. Calls are filtered extensively, and specific queries are routed to executives trained on responding to those particular kinds of queries.

So, if a call center is what you have been looking to start off, while retaining a bunch of motivated executives, who would continue to smile even at the end of the day, stick to an inbound call center. Work would never stop, and so wouldn’t the monetary flow!

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