Sunday, February 01, 2009

Starting a Clothing Business – Drape Others in Clothes and Your Own Self in Dollars!

If you well and truly believe in the age old maxim that clothes are what make a man, you should actively consider starting your own business in garments – the opportunities are endless, and the unending saga of new clientele walking in through the door would keep you motivated, day in and day out!

Within the clothing business, there could be various sub-sectors that you could specifically focus on. For instance, you could consider dealing exclusively in either men’s or women’s or children’s clothes. Or you could look at a subset in terms of functionality – say only wedding dresses, or business suits, etc. This way you would have a niche of your own, and you could suitably build up exquisite clientele. A niche could also be developed in terms of the raw material used; for instance, you could deal exclusively in leather garments or leather products. Yet another possibility is sticking to specific labels or brands and retailing products from only those brands; for instance, you could be the sole local or national dealer and distributor for Tommy Hilfiger’s clothing range.

At the other end of the spectrum, you could look to be a ‘one-stop-shop’ by providing clothing from various brands, of various material, catering to all genders, age groups and sizes.

So, as you see, the opportunities are vast. What you essentially require is a keen sense of the market, especially for what’s in vogue at different times. Always remember that various fashions have limited shelf lives, so do not get obsessed with any one kind of style or fashion, and just keep up with the changing moods and preferences of your clientele. Give them what they want, and they will give you what you want – Dollops of Name, Fame and Cash!!

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