Saturday, February 14, 2009

Article Marketing Tips You Ought to Know About!

In case you have been wondering as to how you would manage to ensure that people actually read all of the articles that you write, do not fret. There is help at hand, in the form of the killer article marketing tips mentioned below. These tips will not only ensure that your articles are read far and wide, they will also see to it that your articles are discussed and debated!

Tip 1: Post them on Your Website
Posting articles on your own website adds a huge amount of credibility to you and the offerings that you have on your website. Even casual visitors to your website would actually care to pour over the articles placed there. Needless to add, smart keywords incorporated into your articles ensure that the search engines improve the rankings of your website dramatically.

Tip 2: Build and Harness Affiliates
Delegation is a fact of life, as we all have limited time and resources to do all that we intend and desire to. Keeping that in mind, try and ensure having affiliates around you who would do the job of marketing and promoting your articles. Enabling their affiliate IDs on your articles will prove to be a win-win situation for both you and your affiliates.

Tip 3: Cross Reference Your Articles
Cross-reference your articles, i.e. provide links within one article to another article or set of articles that you may have written. This way, all of your articles will get promoted. Eventually, you could even build up a fan following of your own, amongst your frequent readers.

Having read through the above mentioned article marketing tips, I am confident that you would not fret any more about how you would go about marketing your articles.

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