Saturday, February 14, 2009

Article Marketing Secrets Finally Revealed!

When it comes to marketing of one’s wares on the Internet, articles come out right on tops. Most other marketing tactics simply pale and fail! So what is it about articles that make them such a ‘darling’ of the Internet marketers? And why are they so successful, as a marketing tool? If these questions have continued to haunt you for years together, heave a sigh of relief as the answers are provided below, in the form of hitherto unrevealed and unknown article marketing secrets.

Secret 1: SEO revolves around Articles
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) would virtually not exist, without online articles. It is the keywords and their tags, contained within these articles that enable search engines like Google and Yahoo! to crawl the websites having content, relevant to the search strings. SEO by itself is one of the most important aspects of Internet Marketing, especially with the advent of a large number of websites, in every segment of interest.

Secret 2: They provide Information
A lot of those online are simply there because they seek information. And it is articles that more often than not, provide them the information that they are seeking. It is this information that in turn helps them in taking better decisions. One of which could be buying the offerings on your website, as the articles that they read, said so!

Secret 3: They provide back-links
Many website owners and even Article Marketers themselves fail to realize that the articles themselves can contain back-links to their websites. And if one can possibly have hundreds of articles written, revolving around the content of the website, they have the potential to provide thousands of back-links to the same. And all of this comes, at no extra cost!

That’s the power of articles and you now know the hitherto unknown article marketing secrets!

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