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If you happen to have stumbled upon this web-log of mine and would like to explore the opportunity of working with me for your project requirement, one of the best ways to initiate a dialog with me would be by kick starting an interaction on Skype.

My Skype ID is malik.vikram

Otherwise, you can choose to email me directly on my primary email address -

In case you wish to speak with me on my cell phone, you can do so on +91-98104-34837. I am located in the GMT+5:30 time zone (The standard time zone in India), so you may want to double check MY local time before choosing to give me a call! Of course you can always WhatsApp me on the given number - maybe drop a text before choosing to call me.

Having said that, I do work till late - after having begun the day a little late, so in fact you may well be able to reach out to me, even if you are situated in a distant time zone!

Typically, I am available for calls or any other interaction between 12 noon to midnight local time, so please feel free to get in touch as you please, between these times.

I am very prompt in responding to all communications addressed to me, so be assured that in case you are writing in or looking to interact with me, I will get back to you very quickly.

I have been using other chat platforms as well, such as MSN Messenger - as well as Yahoo Messenger - but off late, I have found really very few clients who choose to interact on these platforms; Skype seems to be the preferred platform of most professional associations, I would reckon with very valid reasons!

At a Social level, you can choose to interact with me on Facebook -

You can also follow me on Twitter -

You can look me up on Instagram as well -

On the whole, you can clearly see that there are numerous avenues at your disposal for getting in touch with me. Please feel free to choose the option(s) that suits your requirement and preference the best!

I look forward to working with you and mutually adding value to our lives! 

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