My Fees

As far as my fees are concerned, first up I would like to make it very clear that I am here to make a living, working full time as a freelance custom content developer.

So if you are looking for dirt cheap work or have an unrealistic budget in mind which does not in any way pay bills or put food on the table,
please look elsewhere!

Salient points about my fees:

  • Given the subjective nature of this work, it is often rather difficult to quote very specific rates on a consistent basis.
  • At the same time, I typically do not work on projects which are less than 100 US Dollars in value.
  • My lifestyle mandates a MINIMUM earnings level of anywhere between 3000 to 5000 US Dollars A MONTH ~ amounting to around 36000 to 60000 US Dollars A YEAR. I work accordingly, while not going overboard with the quantum of work I do at any given point in time, nor do I prefer to compromise on my health, especially in terms of number of hours of sleep.
  • This excludes earnings from other online initiatives of mine such as earnings from Google AdSense or through Affiliate Marketing and other similar online avenues.
  • I charge a minimum of 10 US Dollars for a 500 word original article, subject to various factors such as time frame for delivery, extent of research required, subject matter familiarity, and so on. 
  • All other types of deliverables - such as Press Releases, White Papers, etc. would be charged, commensurate to time and effort required to be invested in doing them, along with any additional mandates, such as submission of Articles and Press Releases to Article and Press Release directories, respectively.
  • I work on translation assignments on a per-word basis, as is typically the norm, typically working at upwards of 0.05 US Dollar a source word, depending on the language pairs, time frame for delivery, and other pertinent factors.
  • As far as transcription assignments are concerned, if the source audio is clear and distinctly audible, I work at upwards of 75 US Dollars an audio hour.
I accept payments through PayPal, my preferred means of payment.

I can also be paid through Moneybookers (Skrill), which can be very handy for European customers.

You can also pay me by directly transferring funds to my bank account. I will provide you with all the requisite details required to make the transfer.

As far as payment terms are concerned, I typically do not seek out an advance for projects below US Dollar 250. For others, especially for large Translation specific assignments, I do seek a 50 percent advance, paid right upfront.

Further, I prefer breaking projects down to milestones, which makes things mutually comfortable. So for instance, if you need 100 articles @ 10 US Dollars an article = 1000 US Dollars in total, we can always break the payment milestones down to say every 10 articles, viz. 100 US Dollar milestones each time.

That keeps things fair and square for both of us.

Overall, please contact me using any of the contact options on my Contact Page and we would be good to go!

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