Sunday, February 01, 2009

Become a Fashion Consultant, and Do a Catwalk on the Ramp of Name, Fame and Absolute Riches!

Cannot imagine draping yourself in anything less than designer labels from the house of Versace or Timmy Hilfiger or Dolce & Gabbana? But do not have the money to afford attire from these brands? Well, if you understand fashion so well, but do not have the means to adopt it for yourself, why don’t you first try to become an authority in fashion?

If you ask why, well, the answer lies in your own passion for fashion. Couple that with the fact that today it is fashionable to be in fashion, with a common obsession amongst one and all to look beautiful and feel and sound attractive. As a fashion consultant, you would have the power to drape the powerful and mighty in attire of their choices. Soon, you would in fact be going on to change the very perception that the common populace has of various public figures. A single design of yours could well be worth millions of dollars. Eventually, your own designer label might go on to attain cult status such that others would covet your brand as much as you did that of the brands mentioned above!

Fame is a given byproduct of the fashion industry to the extent that you become a Page 3 personality of sorts. You are the talk of the town at the most high profile parties happening there. You are on the radar of every wannabe socialite. Millions are doled out to you, even for simple appearances at social events. The media chases you with such vigor that over time, it gets difficult coping up and you in fact start looking for opportunities to give them the slip!

Formal education in fashion designing or fashion consultancy is not essential to become a fashion consultant. Rather, what is important is immense creativity, along with an active pulse on what is ‘in fashion’. Confidence in your own creation, or that of other designers which you recommend, is also extremely important. So follow these simple rules of thumb, and find yourself draped in the dazzling, million dollar world of fashion and razzmatazz!

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