Sunday, February 01, 2009

Retail Marketing Service – a Million Dollar Business Opportunity, Waiting to be Tapped

You just visited your friendly neighborhood grocery store, and observed that the items preferred by most customers are kept obscurely out of their view. You suggest a change of display to the owner, and once he implements that, finds his sales doubling! Boy, you have the traits of a budding retail marketing specialist lying dormant in you!

With the explosion that is being witnessed in the retail sector, there is immense opportunity for retail marketing specialists. Every retailer wants to grab maximum share of the customer’s expenditure pie, and thus would be more than willing to spend a fortune on someone who could help him do that. And that someone could well be you!! So do not let your god-given gift lie waste, and use it to the maxim. With visits to various retail formats, and a keen sense of observation, along with a pulse on customer preferences, you could become the marketing specialist of choice for numerous retailers. You could suggest display tools and strategies to them, as well as advise them on honing their overall marketing approach. You could recommend customization and tailoring of products and services to retailers, which would be in line with the profile of customers that they broadly get.

Each new customer is in turn likely to spread the word around, and ensure more and more new customers for the retailer. This would in turn have a spiraling effect on your own finances, whereby your returns from the advisory services provided would increase proportionately with increase in revenues for the retailer. So don’t waste any time, and get going on your very own retail marketing services business right now!

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