Tuesday, August 25, 2009

You Can Make Money Online, Without Spending Anything!

You don’t necessarily need to have a website or products to sell, to make money online

The days of yore meant having products to sell or at least a website of your won, in order to make money online. But those days are easily behind us. Today, simply with the help of the things that we know, or even the people that we know, good amount of cash could be made online.

Of course, it is important to sift the wheat from the chaff. Searching online, using terms such as “make money online” or “making money online”, reveals that a lot of the supposed “golden” opportunities are simply words of hype from Internet Marketers. More than anybody else, it seems to be these people who are actually making substantial amounts of money, online.

Having said that, there are legitimate companies out there, giving out real money to real people. Moreover, they do not require any major hard-selling or require you to have your own domain or even your own service. Listed below are some of these companies.

Job Referral Sites

Sites like Bohire, Who Do You Know For Dough, and Zyoin connect prospective employers and employees together. A lot of these employees already have jobs, because of which they are not active on full-fledged job sites such as Monster. The aforementioned sites help in bringing employees and employers together, using the power of networking. As and when you refer such employees, the referral amount you stand to earn for yourself could range from a paltry $50 to many thousands of dollars.

Getting Suppliers and Buyers Together

Not there in the past, now there is a way of tracking referrals on online merchant sites. For every sale that is generated by you, a certain pre-determined referral amount is credited to your account. Sites which specialize in these kind of referrals include uRefer, InnerSell, and Salesconx. Sites like uRefer let merchants to pay even for introductions or meetings that you may have set up for them, and not necessarily for sales.

The written word gets you cash!

Unknown to many, you can actually write your way online to cash, that too, loads of it. Sites like Helium and Associated Content pay you a reasonable amount for just about any topic that you may choose to write on. In case you write on a topic assigned by them, the payout is even higher, sometimes as much as $200. Many blogs are also on the lookout for freelance writers to fill in the content for them. The initial payout may not be much, but with time, the payouts increase.

How about your own blog?

If you are already into writing, why not write for yourself, that too on your own blog? If you think that making your own blog requires you to know complex web designing, think again. Sites like Blogger can set you up in minutes, without knowing any element of web designing. Moreover, they can set up Google AdSense on your blog whereby ads would be displayed on it, and money would be credited to your account whenever people clicked on them. In order to maximize revenues, you could consider adding affiliate links on to your blog from merchants such as Amazon.

Create Resource Hubs

If you are an expert at compiling pertinent information from diverse sources and putting it all together, you could do so on sites such as Google Knol, Squidoo and HubPages which pay you through a combination of revenues from advertising and affiliate fees. The pay-out rate may be lower than if you did it on your own, but the traffic that these sites manage to bring in is much higher, thus squaring things up eventually.

Advertise other’s products

In case you already have an existing web site or blog, you could look towards monetizing it by advertising products or services offered by others. These could be related to the products or services that you have on offer on your own website, yet may not necessarily compete with the same. You could do this by placing textual or graphical content which serves as advertisements, or you could put them up as hyperlinks within your textual content. You could even append links to discussion forums.


You don’t need to be a proficient and professional photographer to have your images sold online. Moreover, do not write off any image that you might have taken – you would never know who in this world would require just the image that you have. Sites that you could look up for this include iStockphoto, ShutterStock, Dreamstime and Fotolia.

Listed above are only representative samples of the possibilities that lie in front of you for making money online, without having a specialized presence there, or having any specific skill sets. If you dig deeper, you will find that there are many more opportunities waiting to be tapped for making money online.
The day I saw my future!

Real life story of the day I foresaw what was going to happen to me later in the day

Clairvoyance and clairvoyant readers are aspects that I had foregone and believed to be hogwash for most of my living life. This was till the day, more than ten years back, that I was actually able to foresee what was going to happen to me later in the day.

I remember everything vividly, as though it was only yesterday. I was getting ready for work. While having my sumptuous breakfast of Kellogg’s cornflakes, and my wife’s opulently prepared bacon and eggs, I had this vision that I would meet with an accident on the way back from work. The location of the accident was also visible to me – a particular traffic signal that I traverse daily, to and fro my office.

While I was visibly disturbed, I said nothing to anyone, and dismissed the thought in my mind as mere gibberish. The day at work passed by pretty much as usual without anything untoward. I had even forgotten my vision of that day’s morning, and got it into my car for the journey back home, around 6 pm.

At the particular traffic signal in question, I was in front of other vehicles and had stopped for the red light. It had been only about 10 seconds since I had stopped that a vehicle from the other direction jumped the red light and was hit by a vehicle coming from the side that had the green signal to legitimately cross over. The car that had jumped the light was hit with such an impact that it toppled over and swerved on to my car, smashing against the windscreen. Glass from the windscreen along with small metal fragments and splinters hit against me with vehement force, leaving me bleeding profusely from the face and neck as well as my arms.

A paramedic’s team rushed me to the hospital; the driver of the ill fated vehicle that had jumped the red light was unfortunately dead already.

After a three week period of rest and recuperation, I was ready to get back to my normal life, albeit with thirteen stitches across multiple locations in my body.
Life has been pretty much incident free since then.

But the power of clairvoyance has smitten me since. I have even subscribed to various online clairvoyant and over the phone clairvoyance services, and I am confident that they all hold me in good stride.

I truly believe in the power of the psychic clairvoyant medium now, and I am sure you will too, once you hear of astonishing real life stories like mine!
Review of Yahoo! Personals

Yahoo! Personals is one of the oldest players in the online dating business, having been around for more than 10 years, since 1997. An offshoot of the world renowned and immensely popular Yahoo! Network, Yahoo! Personals gives you just the perfect singles connection that you have been actively scouting for. Moreover, with over 10 million active members, by far among the largest of all the various online dating and personals services, Yahoo! Personals sure has a solid reputation backing it.

Recently redesigned with a brand new, elegant interface, Yahoo! Personals boasts of numerous dynamic features that ensure a totally rejuvenated online dating experience, as opposed to most of the other online dating and personals websites. These include personalized video greetings which help you get a closer look at potential dates before they make contact as well as private emails that allow you to know more about potential dates while simultaneously maintaining your own anonymity until the time you are absolutely ready to meet.

There is a lot that is on offer, even to free members of Yahoo! Personals. You can start off by searching through Yahoo Personals’ vast database of profiles. That done, you can send them a free Icebreaker message to get things started. Doing this would imply readiness on the part of you as well as your prospect to communicate anonymously, through secure and discrete channels. This capability is enhanced with the help of private emails and instant messaging features offered by Yahoo! Personals.

Region-wise, Yahoo Personals! offers its services in 13 different countries across the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific. Relationship types catered to by the service include the everyday heterosexual type as well as both gay and lesbian.

Before you consider taking up paid membership on Yahoo Personals!, you may want to try out its free full membership 7 day trial which incorporates all of the features that Yahoo Personals! has on offer to paid members. Paid membership on Yahoo Personals! has three different kinds of slabs – 1 month for $29.99; 3 months for $19.99 a month, at a total of $59.97, translating to 31% savings; and 6 months for $15.99 a month, at a total of $95.94, translating to 46% savings.

With so much on offer at really so little, it is assured that your dream match would be waiting for you on Yahoo Personals!. So don’t keep him or her waiting!
Review of Match.com

Certified by the Guinness World Records as the world’s largest online dating site, Match.com is definitely the destination of choice, when you are well and truly serious about love.

In terms of worldwide reach as well as the number of international sites that cater to the local populace of various countries across the world, Match.com certainly has no match!

Whether you are looking for a serious relationship or a casual fling or even a life partner, Match.com will certainly help in hooking you up with the most prospective match. For doing so, it has a wide array of tools at its disposal, including but not limited to innovative search tools, most advanced matching technologies, and secure communication channels.

The search tools on Match.com are themselves very varied and diverse. You can perform different kinds of searches including one-way searches, two-way searches, and Match.com by Mail. While one-way search allows you to search based on zip code, age, and gender; two-way search brings up the profiles of only those members in its search results, with whom mutual compatibility is deemed probable. On the other hand, Match.com by mail is an automated system where Match.com delivers your most compatible matches straight to your inbox. For those with a really hectic lifestyle and routine, this is a virtual godsend!

On Match.com, the ways in which you can connect with other potential suitors are both varied as well as interesting. You could send him/her a wink, a private email message, or even an instant message. You can also send out innocent smiles or playful gazes, as the case may be.

Although Match.com offers a considerable number of features even to free members, to derive maximum mileage out of your Match.com membership, consider taking up premium membership at a reasonably fair and industry standard rate of $24.95 per month. This will ensure the provision of unlimited means to connect with millions of singles as well as the ability to discover your special someone online, that too on your own terms.

Happy Matching!
Review of Passion.com

If real passion is what you are looking for online, look no further than Passion.com!

One of the pioneers of the online personals niche, Passion.com started off in 1996 and has since grown to a network of 16 different websites within this niche with over 8 million active members worldwide.

The heat on Passion.com gets particularly turned on, in any of its varied adult chat rooms. Firstly, you will always find diverse members from all across the world logged in, anytime of the day. Additionally, not only are the chat rooms classified as per geographical regions, they are also categorized as per preferences, so whether your kink is BBW, Ebony, Mature or Interracial, you will always find likeminded persons to talk to.

The overall security and surety of the genuineness of persons whose profiles you will encounter on Passion.com remains a question mark though; Passion.com does not ask for more than a genuine Email address at the time of registration. Therefore, while interacting with persons on the website, do use your discretion. Do not give away your personal details at the very first instance. Instead, take time in assessing the person and try and ascertain his or her genuineness as well as intentions. Unless it happens to be a person you know from before, do not jump to meet him or her, all too quickly.

Membership on Passion.com is both Standard (free) as well as Premium (paid). Paid membership on Passion.com does not cost much – as little as 25 cents (or less!) a day, and the benefits of this membership far outweigh the costs. The payment options for taking up membership on Passion.com are also quite varied, ranging from a cheque or money order to even your credit card.

On Passion.com, one does not just benefit as a dating member; as an affiliate too, you can stand to gain immensely, simply by driving traffic to the website. The site is known to make monthly affiliate payouts to the tune of $500,000 and successful affiliates of the site make as much as $30,000 per month.

So if you are passionate about sex or money (or both!), look no further and log on to Passion.com now!