Saturday, February 14, 2009

Killer Article Marketing Tips

You may be one of the most prolific writers around, and can churn out dozens of articles before I can say Abracadabra, but do you realize that your efforts would be pointless if no one read those articles? I assume you get a sense of what I am hinting at – article marketing. Unless you market your articles, there really would be no point, especially if you are writing for the Internet, where content is well and truly the king. The following article marketing tips will guide you in your efforts:

Tip 1: Syndicate your articles with RSS Feeds
RSS Feeds will ensure that your articles are distributed and read – at least potentially, far and wide. So as far as possible, try to syndicate your articles through RSS Feeds. There are various tools to assist you do that, including Microsoft's RSS Powered Longhorn, Google Blog Search, XML Sitemaps, and many more…

Tip 2: Place Your Articles into an EBook
This is a real killer. Placing your articles into an EBook really ensures that your work is read by many, many serious Internet surfers, as EBook diggers by themselves tend to be voracious readers. Additionally, they tend to share and pass on an EBook which they have favorable views on, to many others so your article gets read by many people, even if it is placed in a single EBook.

Tip 3: Automate the Response Mechanism to Your Articles
It is unlikely that you would actually be able to manually respond to all the responses that come through to your articles. Therefore, it becomes imperative that you set up an automated response mechanism. That way, those responding to your articles would not feel that you don’t care about their viewpoints or opinions.

Therefore, imbibe the above mentioned article marketing tips and see the “read-rate” of your articles soar!

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