Wednesday, May 06, 2009

It’s never too late to Date!

Love knows no age, and that is true of dating too! Often, life gets the better of us during our youth wherein career, family and other responsibilities take up center stage, robbing us of the opportunity to date. Fortunately, what is important is to realize that it is never too late; after all, just like you, there are thousands out there who never dated in their prime, and would like to grab the opportunity now. The tips below will guide you on effective dating when you’re past your prime physically, yet the quest for youth and frolic remains in your heart!

First things first, remember to maintain your composure. This implies aspects such as being truthful about your age as well as not being conscious about it. Retain your confidence. Do not have a laid back attitude, as there is no room for one, in the dating game.

Additionally, do care for your health and appearance. Remember, that you are past your prime, and a lot many things that you could do thirty years back may not be possible for you to do now. However, the quest to remain healthy should ensure that you are able to at least do those things that you are expected to be able to, as per your age. Some basic exercise would be a must for you, in order to retain your fitness. Also, maintain your appearance. Of course, nobody would expect a completely toned body or rippling muscles, but at least basic grooming MUST be in place. A disheveled look is a complete no-no.

Be emotionally strong – this is very important, especially if your date is considerably younger than you. Remember, that there is every likelihood that your date might just walk out on you, even without a strong reason. So make the most of everything and enjoy till the hilt, till things last. Of course, if matters continue forever, and your date remains stable with you, then there is no real cause for concern. Yet, be prepared for any unforeseen eventuality.

While dating, make the most of various benefits that you could garner as a senior citizen. For instance, many retail chains offer additional discounts to the older populace. Capitalize on these offers, by taking your date along with you to these stores. It will be a combined shopping cum dating experience, which at the end of it, will only give you a great deal of pleasure.

Having mentioned the above, it is also important, especially for senior citizens, to choose their dates wisely. Remember that a younger date may be drawn to you only for the prospective monetary benefit that they foresee, once you are no more in the horizon of existence. So judge your date’s motive behind being with you, well, before making any long-term commitment.

Lastly, don’t be disheartened if success doesn’t come easy to you. Remember that dating is no child’s play even during our youth, so in old age, it becomes that much more challenging. Just play your cards right, and be patient, and soon your dream date will be with you, right by your side!

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