Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Get that Gal you Always Desired…Go Grab her – Now!

Ah, how much you covet other men with beautiful women around them, failing to realize that you too could have such women around you! After all, are those men really special? Do they come from another planet? The answer is a loud and clear NO! Simply follow the dating tips enlisted below, to make sure that next time, the hottest chick around town is seen only with…YOU!

First things first, prepare yourself. Remember, girls don’t want to hang around with a guy who just doesn’t care about his appearance. This is not the 60s anymore when the unkempt look was in, and scruffy was cool. This is the 21st century my friend, and old-age tactics won’t work. If you desire a really hot date, make sure that you too generate at least some heat! If it has been long since you pampered yourself at one of the men’s beauty salons around town, now is perhaps a good time.

Having said that, I would also like to emphasize that do not over-prepare yourself. Remember, this isn’t a battle you’re waging for which you need to be totally geared up. It’s a date for God’s sake! So, if you smell like you’ve been soaked in Eau de Cologne for 48 hours, your prospective date could very well take the first flight, away from you, as far away as to Cologne itself! So, I hope you see what I am getting at – strike a balance. And this matters even more to the way you carry yourself, than your appearance. So be confident, without being overconfident. Shower compliments without being obsequious. Be genteel and care for her, without ending up being a sissy yourself. I hope you get the drift…

Most men I know of, fail to impress in their very first move with unknown women, and that’s where success eludes them. Remember that the first impression is indeed the last impression, so give it your best shot. In this regard, smart-alecky pick-up lines almost always work their charm. You can be cheesy, but avoid being sleazy. Smart, innovative, unique pick-up lines help in grabbing the much-needed attention that you desperately require, to stand out from amongst all the other men looking to grab her attention. After that, it’s all about confident interaction. Eventually where that leads the two of you is something that is in fact in your own hands.

Also remember that each new date will be a learning experience for you for future dates. After all, as unique and different women may be, they are also very similar. It is OK to make mistakes, especially during your first few dates, but it is almost CRIMINAL to repeat those mistakes. You should ideally learn from mistakes that you commit, and eventually banish them from your very stratosphere. Take each date as a preparation for your next one. Remember, in this game, there really is no final. But play every game, like it is the final!

Wish you absolute success always! Good luck!

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