Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Dating Ideas that won’t cost you a Bomb

Who doesn’t love to date? Man or woman, we all enjoy the attention and company of the opposite sex. And if you think dating is always a costly affair, think again. Dating can be fun, and at the same time, inexpensive. After all, dating is supposed to WARM up your heart, not BURN a hole in your pocket. So if you happen to be HIGH on LOVE but LOW on CASH, simply follow the dating tips below for cheap yet powerful and effective dating.

You find the museums boring? Well, perhaps your love interest digs them! As a matter of fact, he or she could well be majoring in history, or has an enormous passion for the arts. Oh, by the way, a visit to the museums is indeed very cheap too. So, there you go, with an inexpensive yet extremely effective date setting, which could very well set your date’s heart pulsating! You save on money, and also get the complete attention and inclination (towards YOU!) of your date. Tip – it would do you a world of good, to develop some interest in the museums, or at least the arts, so that intelligent conversations can take place, during the date.

Nothing like home-sweet-home, eh? So, how about a “home-date”? Will be minimalistic on your pocket, yet reap huge rewards for you. To make it even more effective, why not make it a family affair? The two of you could cook dinner together for both the respective families. That way, you will get a lot of time to spend closely with your date, and know various nuances of his or her personality. Also, remember that acceptance and praise from the family almost always translates to acceptance from your prospect. Surely, there couldn’t have been an easier mode of cooking your way, straight to your date’s heart!

Extending the home-drawn idea, why not the usual movie date, but with a twist – a movie date which involves seeing a movie at either of your respective homes? To make it even more interesting, how about building a theme around the spectacle? Perhaps, it is a movie which the two of you really like, or it has an actor that both of you really adore, or even a movie that both of you truly despise, or just some such aspect. Imagine a setting wherein the two of you are warmly curled up in bed, watching your favorite (or loathed!) flick…sparks are bound to fly! It has been my own personal experience, that movie dates at home are really effective. Especially in the case of romantic and/or passionate movies, wherein one thing simply lead to another between us, and soon we found ourselves ensconced together!

Ever thought of the beaches? After all, they cost absolutely nothing, and yet can be an awesome dating experience. Imagine the two of you snugly together in skimpy clothes, with the waves gently splashing by…ah, sparks are simply bound to fly!

Whoever said that dating was always a costly affair?!?!

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