Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Online Dating Really Works & it can for you as Well!

The doomsayers of online dating be damned; let me assure you, and pronounce with complete confidence that online dating really works. It has worked for me, my neighbor and also his dog, so why the hell shouldn’t it work for you? After all, the key aspect to understand in this context is that the Internet is simply a medium, a platform for the two of you to meet. After that, if the sparks are to fly, they would do so only in the real world. And the online world, just like the offline one, primarily consists of real people like you and me, not aliens from out of space. The stray zombies that you are likely to stumble upon, while in cyberspace, are more an exception than a rule.

The first step to successful online dating is having a catchy and interesting profile. For all the women out there especially, that does NOT imply nude pictures or lewd text, coz with that, it’s only the “zombies” mentioned above whom you’ll draw to your profile (unless that’s your preferred ‘draw’!). A good online dating profile is one which has clean pictures and clear, descriptive text about you. Be truthful, without being boring. Be lucid, without being verbose. Be humorous without being cocky. Like I always say, “Strike a Balance!” Also, while your pictures need not expose you in the flesh, they need not have you covered from head to toe either. Again, the key is to strike a balance, and at the same time, ensure that the photo album in your online dating profile has ATTRACTIVE pictures of yours. This would involve different pictures of yours, in different settings, which together would bring forth various hues and shades of your personality. Your primary profile picture should ideally be one which has your face most prominently visible, and you have a warm and attention grabbing smile on it!

Before you even get down to making your online dating profile, perhaps a wise move would be to evaluate the various online dating sites which are available on the Internet. Remember that there are thousands of them. A lot many cater to specific niches, say divorced men or women looking for a prospective partner, or individuals looking for dates from a particular region or community and so on. So, be clear in your head about what you are looking for. If sex and passion is not your priority, registering on a site like would only be a costly (and if I may add, DANGEROUS) mistake.

A tip that I give to every online dating prospect, is NEVER be in a rush to personally meet the person you’ve just met online. Give yourselves time. Always remember, that it is easy to fake online, and it is only through numerous interactions, including personal conversations, both over the phone as well as the Internet, that you will get to know and judge the other person better. Give yourself adequate time for that.

To reiterate, online dating can be an absolute blessing, if undertaken properly, while also a curse, if carried out irresponsibly.

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