Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Get the Man of your Dreams – in Reality!

Just as men intensely desire women, the vice versa is equally true. In fact in many cases the longing of women for men has been seen to be far more intensive in nature than that of men for women. Now, as a woman, if you are desperately seeking a dream man in your life, stop dreaming and start doing, as time’s a wasting! The simple tips enlisted below will ensure your success as a feline predator in your quest for masculine gratification…

First things first, just don’t be too easy to get. From Adam’s time, men have been tuned to work hard for their longings, women included, so don’t give in too soon. Play hard to get. Having said that, don’t play TOO hard to get, or the men will simply give up and take flight. So maintain distance, yet keep the men interested, and keep up the tempo of flirtatiousness; together, these would be potent ingredients to ensure that your men simply go crazy!

Care for your looks; this is really important. Remember, that men love you as a person just about as much as they love and long for your body. So give it the attention that it well and truly deserves. Pamper yourself with some of the hot-off-the-shelves cosmetics, and treat yourself to some magic at the spa; rest assured, the efforts will definitely pay off. Also, keep yourself clean and fresh at all times; remember that this has a positive effect on your own self confidence as well. In addition, the occasional trip to the gym (on a routine basis!), will not only work wonders on your dating prospects, it will also do a lot of good to your body, keeping it toned and attractive.

Learn to kiss; I really cannot overemphasize the importance of this aspect. Bad kissing is a surefire way of ‘kissing’ your date goodbye forever, while good kissing is an assurance of your date’s perpetual interest in you. Practice in front of the mirror till you seem to get it right. You could even take help from your girlfriends, at least the “good kissing” ones from amongst them.

Avoid a mistake that many girls often tend to make – discuss past boyfriends with their date. Get it straight – men DO NOT like to hear about your past relationships. They are with you, only because they visualize the two of you together as a couple, not because of some other guy you were with, in the past. Simply steer clear of any discussion pertaining to your past relationships and affairs, and your date will be smooth.

Avoid the ‘sticky tape’ kind of guys; the type who tend to cling on, no matter what. These are generally the kind who tend to be extremely possessive, and will be loathed to even imagine you in the company of other men. Remember that a relationship, for it to thrive, requires space, which these types tend to take away, so learn to first identify them and then avoid them completely.

Happy dating!

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