Monday, January 26, 2009

Surefire Adwords Tips that could Skyrocket your Business Overnight!

On the lookout for some out-of-the-world adwords tips that could skyrocket your business overnight? Well, look no further. Put an end to your waiting right away, and make note of the following tips:

Tip 1: Ask Questions
Entice your adwords viewers with questions that elicit responses – in the form of clicks on your ad! For instance, an ad with the tagline, “Want to Lose Weight Right Now?” is very likely to be clicked upon by a person eager to lose weight. So, think of questions that your potential customers are likely to ask.

Tip 2: The Three Dot Paradigm…
Intriguing as it may seem, simply adding three dots at the end of your adwords copy adds a whole new dimension to your ad, making it a lot more effective! The prime reason is the continuity aspect that gets wielded in. Viewers expect something coming their way, and so just go ahead and click…

Tip 3: Use the word ‘Secret’ often
The power of the ‘Secret’ word is in fact no secret at all! An adword copy in the form of “Secret Beauty Tips You Never Knew…” is sure to get viewers “secretly” clicking away! The powerful three dot paradigm also being weaved in, makes it that much more powerful.

Adword copies in ALL CAPS are a surefire way of getting viewers clicking in. They tend to perceive the ad as calling out to them aloud. And the only way they feel they could respond to the call would be by clicking in!

Together, the 4 adwords tips listed above will definitely ensure maximum bang for your online marketing buck.

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