Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Overview of Car Dashboard Covers

When you care so much for your car, giving it a daily wash, ensuring that it sparkles to a shine, and there isn’t a spot of dirt or a scratch anywhere on its body, why would you neglect the dashboard? Only because it is inside the vehicle, and not easily visible from outside? Thinking so would be quite a fallacy, as a spoilt and undone dashboard would in fact ruin and negate all the efforts you have put in towards ensuring that your car remains spick and span, as contrary to your thinking, the dashboard is relatively easily visible from outside. Moreover anyone sitting inside your car would definitely notice your dashboard, and if it happens to be the hot chic you are going out with on your first date with her, you surely want to create the best impression, don’t you?

Those living in sunny parts of the world are especially liable to keeping their dashboards protected from harmful UV rays. And the key to that lies in using appropriate and effective dashboard covers. Thankfully, today you have a whole host of car dashboard covers, customized to the car make as well as the specifications of the customer.

For instance, there are Molded Carpet Dashboard Covers, made of a polyester polycarpet material that makes them really tough and help them weather all exposure to the elements. Due to their strength, most manufacturers offer Molded Carpet Dashboard Covers with a lifetime warranty. Their name draws from the fact that they are molded using a specific thermal process which ensures that they snugly fit the shape of vehicle dashboards, as per their makes. You also have Poly Carpet Dashboard Covers which are again made of polycarpet material, which is specially designed to ensure complete protection from harmful UV rays. These dashboard covers also serve to prevent cracking and fading of the car dashboard. Not to miss out, manufacturers today also offer Velour Dashboard Covers which are supported by a soft cushion-like material that also serves the purpose of making the dashboard more appealing in its overall look and feel. Of course, Velour Dashboard Covers also serve to protect the dashboard from the sun, like all other dashboard covers.

In terms of players in the market offering car dashboard covers, there are plenty; Coverking is a prominent company offering customized car dashboard covers. Dashmat is also a major player in the car dashboard covers market. They all have a veritable presence online and their products can easily be compared and bought through their own websites as well as that of other resellers offering their products.

Therefore, ensure maximum impact the next time you have a date with the hot chic down the corner, by getting yourself a customized car dashboard cover, well in advance!

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