Monday, January 26, 2009

Adwords Tips that will get you the CTR you always dreamt of!

Millions take up adwords-based promotional programs for their products and services. Yet only a few really achieve the desired click-through rate. Reason? They fail to adhere to basic, time-tested adwords principles. So, if you want your adwords program to work for you, follow the adwords tips provided below.

Tip 1: Be liberal in using the keyword, FREE
Consumers globally have been seen to love anything offered to them free of cost. And when this offer is made to them in the adwords copy, they are invariably found to click their way in! So liberally use the word, FREE, in your adwords copy, and watch your click-through rates simply take off!

Tip 2: Specify the benefits your customers will get
Vague benefits in adwords copies, for instance “BrainVista makes you Smart”, tend to keep customers away. On the other hand, highlighting specific advantages such as “BrainVista improves your IQ level by 24%” always brings them in! So portray specific benefits to your potential customers.

Tip 3: The power of the “How To” phrase
Many of the visitors to your website are looking for Do-it-Yourself solutions. And if you are able to help them in getting those solutions (and also manage to sell your product in the process!), they will continue to drop by. Taking a cue from the previous tip, be specific in your ‘How to’s’; for instance, instead of saying, ‘How to Get Rich Quick’, you could say, ‘How to Make $10,000 every month Working from Home’.

Tip 4: Use Action Phrases
Get visitors to practically drive in to your website, with action phrases such as ‘Start Now’, ‘Call 24/7’, ‘Order Today’ etc. This way you will elicit immediate and effective responses from them. Likely purchases would also be made quicker, thus improving your cash flows and ROI.

So follow the adwords tips above and see yourself writing out a whole new chapter in successful Internet marketing!

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