Monday, January 26, 2009

Time-Tested Adwords Tips that Truly Work – and How!

If everyone in your fraternity is promoting their website through adwords, while you’re not, perhaps it’s high time you did! The Adwords program helps businesses grow and expand manifold. Large numbers of customers can be drawn and retained at very low costs. The following adwords tips will help you immensely as you chart out your own Internet marketing program.

Tip 1: Choose the right keywords
Often, marketers make the mistake of using too broad and general keywords in the adwords copy. The question is – do you want large numbers of customers who would visit your website and not buy anything, or would you prefer select, focused customers who would actually purchase? Assuming your preferred choice to be the latter, use refined and narrow keywords.

Tip 2: Be descriptive in your ad text
Think of your ad text as the door through which your customers could potentially walk in. Therefore, to ensure their entry in, use ad text that vividly describes the features or benefits of what you have on offer. Let your adwords text be enticing enough for them to not only read the ad, but also click on it.

Tip 3: Take Steps to Target Your Ads
Irrelevant customers viewing your ads – and clicking through to your website, would only increase costs without bringing along any benefits. So, take steps to ensure that only the right profile of customers get to see your ad in the first place. For example, if your product is going to sell only in Brazil, there’s no point having the ad displayed on Chinese websites!

Tip 4: Have the Right Landing Page
Many adwords users have been seen to make the mistake of getting customers land on the home page of the concerned website from where they are expected to navigate to the page of their interest. Avoid this mistake, especially if you are selling a wide variety of products and services and your ad copy refers to one of them. Take customers directly to the page that you are talking about in the ad copy.

As you have seen, follow the time-tested adwords tips above, and see your adwords program work, beyond your imagination!

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