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Review of Webscribble's webDate Online Dating Software

Summary (113 words)
webDate is web scribble solutions’ proprietary dating software. Packed with numerous useful and easy to integrate features, webDate comes across as good value for money. Moreover, it has several offerings which are provided completely free of cost such as installation, and updates all of which together make the software, a really enticing product. Being US-based makes the software, an even more alluring proposition to US-based developers of dating websites, as support is offered to them at their convenient time lines, in their obvious choice of language - English. Popular sites such as, and are testimonial to the great work done at web scribble solutions’ for its proprietary dating software, webDate.

Features (130 words)
webDate is literally packed with features, both at the front and back ends. At the front (client) end, webDate offers fast and secure handling of data, being able to process upwards of 300,000 profiles at a time! Profiles are created instantaneously, and photo and video uploads happen very promptly. At the Profile level, members can create their profiles either in four steps, or in a single one. Flirtatious virtual kisses allure users to take up paid memberships! At the back (Administrative) end, general features include an easy to use template system, a built in billing system, along with software settings that are easily modifiable. Templates are easily implemented and customized. Website statistics are available to administrators with complete ease. Lastly, webDate offers a comprehensive content management system to website administrators.

Usability (121 words)
webDate is easy-to-use. Even a person with negligible programming or coding knowledge can create a reasonably powerful, feature-rich dating website, using webDate. The completely bug-free interface and design makes using webDate an absolute breeze! Advanced features such as profile creation, searching, matching, instant messaging, and internal mail make the job of the website administrator that much simpler. Free installation and updates further add to the convenience faced by webDate users. Lastly, web scribble solutions’ comes across as a reasonably responsive company that constantly listens to customer feedback, queries and suggestions, particularly those pertaining to features that could be incorporated into the webDate dating software suite – which would eventually go on to only make the usability of the software that much easier.

Design (94 words)
The webDate software suite, when purchased, comes with 60 HTML template files that are fully customizable and can be modified as per the site in question on which they would eventually be incorporated. Each of these 60 templates has a rich and contemporary feel to them which immensely appeals to users of online dating sites, who generally tend to be young with modern preferences. The Control Panel at the Administrative end is also easy to manage. Additionally, virtually no scripting knowledge is required at the administrator’s end, further contributing to the ease of use.

Flexibility (101 words)
Each of the 60 templates offered by webDate while being rich on the design front, offers web designers immense flexibility in the way the website eventually looks and feels. Every element is customizable, be it just the headers of pages or the entire wording on all the pages. Overall, the software is immensely scalable, with easy ramp up of the software’s abilities, irrespective of whether the site in question has 100, 1,000 or 10,000 members! The robust support offered by webDate makes modifying templates as well as the overall look and feel of the website in question that much easier too.

Support (122 words)
webDate is strong on the support front. Firstly, there is the ‘Free Installation’ option wherein the software is installed free of cost. In addition, there is extensive documentation available on both Versions 2.0 and 3.0 of the software. The Knowledge Base on the website of the company, on the following page - allows customers to input their specific queries so that the concern is suitably addressed. In this context, a ticket is raised, and once that has been done, customers can keep logging in to check the status of their tickets. There is also the option to contact the company directly; webDate offers all the possible options for that including over the phone, over email by post, and even in person!

Price (150 words)
webDate offers a very straightforward, at the same time, dynamic pricing option. The standard dating software suite comes for $199, which is acceptable considering all of the options on offer. In addition to the standard suite, there are several optional plug-ins, each of which is differentially priced, and totally voluntary – you are under no obligation to compulsorily purchase any of these plug-ins. For instance, a Multilanguage plug-in can easily be incorporated into one’s dating software/website for only $99. Similarly, there are premium templates available at $45 each. Live chat costs $99 while live video costs $149. Both the last mentioned – as a package, cost $174. Optional payment gateways like, CCBill, PayPal, etc. can all be integrated for $40. Compatible products like webAffiliate and webNetwork can be integrated for $99 and $199 respectively. Lastly, webDate also offers hosting plans named Silver, Gold and Platinum for $9.99/month, $19.99/month and $29.99/month respectively.

Conclusion (100 words)
webDate is a feature-rich dating software suite. Considering the straightforward and low pricing offered by the company, webDate can definitely be considered to be very good value for money. The transparency with which the company functions makes it that much more reliable. Its’ US presence makes it an ideal choice for US and other North America based dating websites. Customer queries are addressed at suitable timelines, using the right choice of language – English! All in all, there’s only a whole lot of good that can be said about webDate, compelling one to sum up the whole experience as simply AWESOME!

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