Saturday, March 07, 2009

EBook Publishing– the easy way!

EBooks have become a virtual godsend for those who cherish reading but dread lugging big and heavy books around. EBooks are portable and can be carried around, contained within any of the electronic devices that many of us carry around all the time – be it our laptops, mobile phones or pen drives. And of course, not to forget the benefits that EBooks have on offer for writers – no expensive publishers to entertain nor any major marketing expenses to incur. Follow the steps enlisted below for fast and easy EBook publishing.

Step 1: Take Your Own Domain

This is an inexpensive, and at the same time, an important step. You need to establish your credibility, both as a writer as well as an entrepreneur. And with your own domain, you will be able to achieve both these goals. Additionally, on your own website, you would have complete power and control over how you market your EBook. Lastly, there would be no commissions to be given out to anyone for EBooks sold on your own website!

Step 2: Develop the Sales Page

To have good sales, it is a must that you develop a Sales Page for your EBook. And this would be irrespective of whether you sell your EBook on your own website or any other. Remember that there are thousands of EBooks on the Internet, waiting to be sold, and if yours is to be sold ahead of all the others (in the queue!), it better stand out in some way, which the Sales Page will ensure that it does.

Step 3: Publish it in Multi-Formats

Publishing your EBook in a single format such as PDF will severely restrict the possible readers, and thus inhibit prospective sales. Therefore, look to publish it in multiple formats, including basic and more commonly prevalent ones such as MS Word. Ensuring multiple formats will also give your prospective readers the feel that you actually care for them, and are actually giving them options.

EBook publishing could never have been so easy!

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