Saturday, March 07, 2009

A Never Before Published Guide on How to Write an Article

Articles are simply everywhere, both online and offline. Whether you skim through your daily newspaper or flip through a magazine, it is unlikely that you will not find articles. In fact, for the aforementioned, articles form not only the skeletal structure, but also the flesh and blood, metaphorically speaking. With so many articles floating all around you, you would sooner or later want to join the bandwagon, and also be an article writer. But how? Do not be so concerned, as the points below will guide you on how to write an article.

Point 1: Research
You have to know the subject matter on which you are writing. So the first step would be to research the topic or issue that you wish to cover in your article. Be thorough and precise, looking up diverse sources, so as not to form a bias in your mind, and present a one-sided opinion.

Point 2: Language
It is vital that your writing is free of any grammatical and other linguistic mistakes. For this, it is necessary that you first know the language in which you are writing, thoroughly. If the language comes easy to you, the article will also come very easy to you, so make sure that you know the language very well.

Point 3: Be Concise
In today’s fast-paced world, everyone is hard-pressed for time. Few people have the patience to pour over long-winding articles. Therefore, keep your articles short and concise. Readers should get an idea as to why they are reading the article and how they will benefit from reading it, fairly quickly. Else they are unlikely to actually read through the entire article, and a lot of your effort would simply prove to be a waste.

I am confident that this unprecedented guide has given you a fair idea of how to write an article, and soon you would be writing articles by the hordes!

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