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Review of AbleDating Online Dating Software

Summary (118 words)
AbleDating is one of the very few fully Ajax-based dating software available in the market. Of Russian origin, with a small American presence, but largely supported by Russian freelance programmers, AbleDating offers numerous features with a robust dating script that ensures the smooth creation of a fully-integrated dating website within a quick timeframe. Multiple payment options are supported by AbleDating including PayPal, WorldPay, GoldPay, 2CO, NetBilling and PaySystems. Thanks to the templates based architecture of the software, changing the look and feel of websites is very quick and easy. In toto, one can conclude that AbleDating is a well-integrated, powerful dating software that can help you get your dating website up and running, promptly and without any hassles.

Features (106 words)
A unique feature, newly offered by AbleDating is its ‘3D City Second Life Virtual World’ which allows customers to click into a completely different fantasy world, occupied by other visitors of the site. This feature allows all of these visitors to in turn interact with one another. Another new feature offered by AbleDating is the MySpace+Flash profile editor which allows members to simply draw their way towards editing their respective profiles, instead of doing any complex coding. Other features on offer include Video Chat, YouTube-like video sharing, VOIP phone, Flash chat with multiple rooms, various Flash games, recorded greetings, feature-rich photo album, love calculators, and more!

Usability (88 words)
AbleDating scores reasonably high on the usability factor. Webmasters new to the world of website design, or even computer-based graphical design for that matter, will find the software easy to grasp, imbibe and implement. The back-end programming done in the software is very detail-oriented, which allows customers of AbleDating to get a rich and powerful dating website up and running fairly quickly, with minimalistic efforts and maximum returns. Website changes are very easy to make on AbleDating, thus taking the usability score of the software that much higher!

Design (104 words)
AbleDating offers numerous template designs, each of which is completely unique. Moreover, all of these templates are fully customizable, implying that they can be fine-tuned as per customer preferences and specifications. The attractive and stylish layout of the designs ensures that they have a contemporary appeal amongst users of dating websites who generally tend to be the youth. At the administrative end, websites made with AbleDating tend to be easy to manage and operate. Changes to be incorporated into these websites, is relatively easy, with very less coding or programming efforts required to be undertaken. Overall, AbleDating scores very well on the Design factor!

Flexibility (83 words)
From the word go, AbleDating has been designed from the ground up, keeping the flexibility aspect in mind. AbleDating designers are well aware that there is no one-size-fits-all approach in the world of website designing. Keeping that in mind, they have on offer many rich and powerful features in the software, but have left the choice of incorporation of those features entirely to their customers. AbleDating templates are fully customizable, and can be suitable modified as per the overall theme of the website.

Support (96 words)
ABKSoft offers limited support options. Apart from a Support form on the website - there are options to live chat with support staff of the company. The live chat options include both Skype as well as ICQ. They are both click-to-chat, so one simply initiate a conversation at just about any time. There is also a number provided - +1 (310) 928-7931 on which one can call and obtain telephonic support. Lastly, there is also a forum at where users can post queries or views on the software, and derive inputs from each other.

Price (348 words)
AbleSpace offers differential pricing with varied licensing options – one could opt for a single license with a template design or have a dating script running on many servers, each with a unique design. The wide-ranging options include:
1. AbleSpace 1.0 (+3D City FREE)
a. Single Domain License - $597. May be used on one domain. A ready-made design is offered with the software.
b. Single Domain License with Unique Design - $697. May be used on one domain. A unique design is made by the company.
c. Multi Domain License - $897. Comes with free installation, the software can be installed on up to 5 domains. A ready-made design is offered.
d. Multi Domain License with Unique Design - $997. Accompanied by free installation, the software can be installed on up to 5 domains. Again, a unique design is created.

2. BusinessSpace 1.2 Community
a. Single Domain License - $697. Offered with free installation, the software can be installed on 1 domain. User gets a ready-made design.
b. Single Domain License with Unique Design - $797. Offered with free installation, the software can be installed on one domain. Again, a unique design is offered.
c. Multi Domain License - $897. May be used on many domains. The design is chosen from templates.
d. Multi Domain License with Unique Design- $997. May be used on many domains. A unique design is made by AbleSpace’s designers.

3. MIXER!! System (+3D City FREE)
a. Single Domain License - $997. Originally offered at $1,297, AbleSpace claims this pricing to be a Limited Time Offer, created to celebrate the anniversary of ABK-Soft LTD (3 years of development). This option may be exercised on a single domain only. Currently, AbleSpace claims that there are only 19 copies of this version left for sale.

4. 3D City Stand-Alone Mod
a. Single Domain License - $397. May be used on one domain and on ANY site. This package is in fact offered free if AbleDating, AbleSpace, or Mixer!! Package is bought. The license is life-time. Integration is easy & and lifetime free upgrades is also offered.

Conclusion (109 words)
AbleDating is a feature-rich software that is offered at a reasonably fair price. Without really being cheap, it is priced optimally, especially if one is to keep in mind all that one gets at the price in question. The numerous dating websites created using AbleDating such as,,, among a host of others are all testimonial to the wonderful work being done at AbleDating which allows feature-rich dating websites to be created virtually instantaneously, without much effort required to be put in towards website maintenance either. Support needs improvement though, with complaints on that front coming in from existing customers fairly regularly. Final words – Worthy Buy!

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