Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Review of Yahoo! Personals

Yahoo! Personals is one of the oldest players in the online dating business, having been around for more than 10 years, since 1997. An offshoot of the world renowned and immensely popular Yahoo! Network, Yahoo! Personals gives you just the perfect singles connection that you have been actively scouting for. Moreover, with over 10 million active members, by far among the largest of all the various online dating and personals services, Yahoo! Personals sure has a solid reputation backing it.

Recently redesigned with a brand new, elegant interface, Yahoo! Personals boasts of numerous dynamic features that ensure a totally rejuvenated online dating experience, as opposed to most of the other online dating and personals websites. These include personalized video greetings which help you get a closer look at potential dates before they make contact as well as private emails that allow you to know more about potential dates while simultaneously maintaining your own anonymity until the time you are absolutely ready to meet.

There is a lot that is on offer, even to free members of Yahoo! Personals. You can start off by searching through Yahoo Personals’ vast database of profiles. That done, you can send them a free Icebreaker message to get things started. Doing this would imply readiness on the part of you as well as your prospect to communicate anonymously, through secure and discrete channels. This capability is enhanced with the help of private emails and instant messaging features offered by Yahoo! Personals.

Region-wise, Yahoo Personals! offers its services in 13 different countries across the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific. Relationship types catered to by the service include the everyday heterosexual type as well as both gay and lesbian.

Before you consider taking up paid membership on Yahoo Personals!, you may want to try out its free full membership 7 day trial which incorporates all of the features that Yahoo Personals! has on offer to paid members. Paid membership on Yahoo Personals! has three different kinds of slabs – 1 month for $29.99; 3 months for $19.99 a month, at a total of $59.97, translating to 31% savings; and 6 months for $15.99 a month, at a total of $95.94, translating to 46% savings.

With so much on offer at really so little, it is assured that your dream match would be waiting for you on Yahoo Personals!. So don’t keep him or her waiting!

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