Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Review of Passion.com

If real passion is what you are looking for online, look no further than Passion.com!

One of the pioneers of the online personals niche, Passion.com started off in 1996 and has since grown to a network of 16 different websites within this niche with over 8 million active members worldwide.

The heat on Passion.com gets particularly turned on, in any of its varied adult chat rooms. Firstly, you will always find diverse members from all across the world logged in, anytime of the day. Additionally, not only are the chat rooms classified as per geographical regions, they are also categorized as per preferences, so whether your kink is BBW, Ebony, Mature or Interracial, you will always find likeminded persons to talk to.

The overall security and surety of the genuineness of persons whose profiles you will encounter on Passion.com remains a question mark though; Passion.com does not ask for more than a genuine Email address at the time of registration. Therefore, while interacting with persons on the website, do use your discretion. Do not give away your personal details at the very first instance. Instead, take time in assessing the person and try and ascertain his or her genuineness as well as intentions. Unless it happens to be a person you know from before, do not jump to meet him or her, all too quickly.

Membership on Passion.com is both Standard (free) as well as Premium (paid). Paid membership on Passion.com does not cost much – as little as 25 cents (or less!) a day, and the benefits of this membership far outweigh the costs. The payment options for taking up membership on Passion.com are also quite varied, ranging from a cheque or money order to even your credit card.

On Passion.com, one does not just benefit as a dating member; as an affiliate too, you can stand to gain immensely, simply by driving traffic to the website. The site is known to make monthly affiliate payouts to the tune of $500,000 and successful affiliates of the site make as much as $30,000 per month.

So if you are passionate about sex or money (or both!), look no further and log on to Passion.com now!

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