Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The day I saw my future!

Real life story of the day I foresaw what was going to happen to me later in the day

Clairvoyance and clairvoyant readers are aspects that I had foregone and believed to be hogwash for most of my living life. This was till the day, more than ten years back, that I was actually able to foresee what was going to happen to me later in the day.

I remember everything vividly, as though it was only yesterday. I was getting ready for work. While having my sumptuous breakfast of Kellogg’s cornflakes, and my wife’s opulently prepared bacon and eggs, I had this vision that I would meet with an accident on the way back from work. The location of the accident was also visible to me – a particular traffic signal that I traverse daily, to and fro my office.

While I was visibly disturbed, I said nothing to anyone, and dismissed the thought in my mind as mere gibberish. The day at work passed by pretty much as usual without anything untoward. I had even forgotten my vision of that day’s morning, and got it into my car for the journey back home, around 6 pm.

At the particular traffic signal in question, I was in front of other vehicles and had stopped for the red light. It had been only about 10 seconds since I had stopped that a vehicle from the other direction jumped the red light and was hit by a vehicle coming from the side that had the green signal to legitimately cross over. The car that had jumped the light was hit with such an impact that it toppled over and swerved on to my car, smashing against the windscreen. Glass from the windscreen along with small metal fragments and splinters hit against me with vehement force, leaving me bleeding profusely from the face and neck as well as my arms.

A paramedic’s team rushed me to the hospital; the driver of the ill fated vehicle that had jumped the red light was unfortunately dead already.

After a three week period of rest and recuperation, I was ready to get back to my normal life, albeit with thirteen stitches across multiple locations in my body.
Life has been pretty much incident free since then.

But the power of clairvoyance has smitten me since. I have even subscribed to various online clairvoyant and over the phone clairvoyance services, and I am confident that they all hold me in good stride.

I truly believe in the power of the psychic clairvoyant medium now, and I am sure you will too, once you hear of astonishing real life stories like mine!

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