Sunday, September 13, 2009

Stuart Broad

Son of legendary English cricketer, Chris Broad, right-arm fast bowler Stuart Broad has had one too many forgettable experiences during his T20 career. The biggest of them would of course be the day Yuvraj Singh of India smashed six sixes in one over of his, in the last edition of the T20 World Cup, in South Africa. On another occasion, Broad was in the thick of things in the recent T20 match against the Netherlands, which England lost most unexpectedly. With the Dutchmen requiring 2 runs off the last ball, even after managing to capture the ball hit at him, Broady failed to hit the stumps and the batsmen scampered to a victory on which bookies had put odds of 500-1! These unremarkable happenstances aside, Broad has had a reasonably successful stance in the national English cricket team, in both ODIs and test matches, where he has performed not just as an effective fast bowler, but also as a quality batsman. It remains to be seen if his T20 prospects will brighten any further, in case domestic teams such as those of the IPL take him on board.

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