Sunday, September 13, 2009

Golden Tips for Buying the Perfect French door curtains for Yourself

French doors have this wonderful aspect about themselves of adding aesthetic beauty to your office or home or wherever else you decide to have them put up. But at the same time, French doors end up allowing significant amount of light to enter into the house – sometimes more than as much as you may wish to. That is where French door curtains come truly very handy.

French door curtains not only control the amount of light that comes inside through the French doors, they actually in turn add immense aesthetic appeal and beauty to your property as well. Having said that, there are various factors that you should keep in mind while purchasing French door curtains for yourself. Otherwise, you might just end up making a wrong and fruitless investment. The tips enlisted below will guide you immensely while making your acquisition.

Before we even get into these factors or tips, be aware that French door curtains are themselves of various kinds. Some of these varieties include solid color fabric panel doors, white sheer fabric door panels, soft stripe leno panel doors and unique sheer fabric door panels. You even have special themed curtains which are generally meant for a particular occasion. Last but not the least; you have French door curtains meant for specific parts of your premises, for instance the kitchen or the bathroom. Before you make your purchase, please do keep this fact in mind. The schematic designs that you choose should complement the design of your French doors as well as the blueprint of the room and premises where you intend to have them. That is where the overall appeal of your premises will truly come forth.

The first and probably the most crucial tip is to have your own French doors known to you very well, in terms of their dimensions – both their exact vertical length as well as horizontal width. This way, you will get just the right dimension of French door curtains, lest you get an inappropriate size, and the investment goes waste. Additionally, knowing the dimensions, you can pick up just the right pattern you want, as per your taste and preference.

The second important aspect to keep in mind is the overall getup and décor of your room. Remember that the French doors and French door curtains must gel well and blend in, with the overall décor of your room. This includes the existing furniture as well as the upholstery that has been used. Keep in mind the fact that French door curtains are almost always white in color so that they reflect heat while allowing light to enter the premises. So make sure that the colors and overall look and feel of your house is such that these curtains would easily blend in.

The key word above is blend in – not necessarily match. There have been many customers of French door curtains who end up doing their entire place in white, just to match with their French door curtains. Remember, that color balance is about blending in or gelling well, and not necessarily matching completely. Therefore, as long as the color combination that you choose blends in and gels well with the décor of your room, it should be fine.

One other very important aspect to consider while getting your French door curtains is their fabric. Ideally, while making your choice, consider practicality as your guiding light, as you do not want fabric that would be expensive to wash as well as cumbersome to take off or put back on. Therefore, choose a fabric that can be easily washed at home. Fabrics that compulsorily require to be dry cleaned would not only prove to be expensive, they will also take up that much extra time of yours, in terms of trips to the dry cleaners.

A very important tip that I can offer you on French door curtains, pertains to their purchase. While buying them online could save you a great deal of time, effort and money, remember that without an actual touch and feel, you might just end up buying something inappropriate or simply unsuitable for the place you intend to have them. So, if you have the option, and a suitable store lies within your reach, consider making a physical trip at least one, to be sure of exactly what you are getting. Having said that, there are online stores that actually send samples of their fabric, before you actually buy the same. If buying offline simply does not seem possible, at least request to have a sample fabric sent across to you. Lastly, irrespective of whether you purchase online or offline, make sure that the retailer offers you a money back guarantee.

As far as styling of French door curtains goes, consider tying them from the middle. This will give them an hourglass shape, which will in turn make them look both contemporary as well as stylish. Additionally, also consider having your French doors installed in your inner rooms. This will surely give a perfect and complete French look to your property. With this, if you can combine real or even replica wrought iron curtain rods and put them together with the curtains, you can very well say Au Revoir to any other look that you may have contemplated and Bienvenue to the perfect French look!

At the same time, if you are looking forward to an extremely elegant and stylish look for your room, consider sheer French door curtains. These, when put together with smaller and thinner curtain rods, certainly make your premises look extremely stylish, contemporary and elegant, giving it an edge of finesse which you would certainly be very proud of.

Summing up, you can clearly see that French door curtains make a world of difference to your premises. Simply keep the above mentioned golden tips in mind while making your French door curtains acquisition, and you will be assured of a truly blissful and magical experience, all the way!

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